What's the appeal in pregnancy stories?


I keep seeing pregnancy-related stories, and they’re becoming almost as common as the typical bad boy story.
I don’t understand the appeal behind it. Can someone explain why so many people find this story genre interesting? I can understand that it’s wonderful to bring life into the world, but sometimes it feels like pregnancy is being treated as a— oh, god… I can’t believe I’m using these words in the same sentence-- fetish???
Is that what’s going on or is it just a curiosity thing?


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Just like almost everything, pregnancy, pregnant women e.t.c is actually a fetish for some people :no_mouth:

But I think it might be more younger readers? I’m probably wrong but maybe it’s appealing to them because they are excited to start a family in the future and the stories provide the fantasy.

I don’t read pregnancy stories, my issue is a lot of the time something goes wrong in the pregnancy, I understand it makes ‘good’ drama for a story but it’s not impossible to write a pregnancy without the difficulties. Not to mention I notice all the generic symptoms in stories because I’ve got a son :joy: (I never had morning sickness e.t.c).

All pregnancies are different but the majority of Episode pregnancies seem to follow the same script.


I think the reason they are so popular is because you can have different storylines, for example they could have a miscarriage or they can choose to keep or abort the baby. I am not quite sure though. I am currently writing a pregnancy story, only because they are so popular.


I don’t think it’s even the pregnancy that makes it interesting for some people.
I think it’s the thrill of how the main character gets pregnant. Whether it’s a bad boy who’s the father or some teacher. :roll_eyes: And how the main character interacts with the father after the pregnancy, whether it was intentional or not.
I’m not 100% sure, just a guess.


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i hate them


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I think the appeal comes from an outdated idea of what a relationship should be and what a family should be. I think a lot of younger people have been taught that ideally if you love someone the goal of your relationship is to get married and have kids. I haven’t read a story yet where the MC is polyamorous, or they don’t care about marriage or kids and are content to be with their partner without those things, or an MC who’s content dating around and not seeing every person they go out with as their potential husband/wife.


The idea of me getting pregnant makes me feel physically ill and horrified, so I couldn’t even begin to hazard a guess, sorry. :joy:


I’m picky I’ve never done one yet


This is a really good question. I especially can’t understand that so many teenage pregnancy stories. When I look at the trending section I just hope there are still people out there who know how to use protection.


That’s true… most of the episode writers who write those stories are probably teens/young adults who don’t have children. They might not know much about pregnancy, but want to write about it since it’s so popular.


Most of them are similar because authors are using other authors ideas but with their own twist.

I personally recommend if someone wants to write a pregnancy story, it would be good to go down the ‘realistic’ route.
Most of my friends have had children and almost all of them have had hemorrhoid’s after birth but I am yet to see a story include it :joy: It would make a great comedy which I would definitely read. I’d write one myself but comedy is not my strong suit.


Maybe pregnancy is termed as a ‘fetish’ nowadays because…I don’t even know why I’m saying this. I asked the same thing to someone close to me and they said which I quote, “Being preggo isn’t a bad thing, and so isn’t bringing an innocent soul to life. Maybe, some people think that having an infant gives some sorta leverage for the female protagonist to make the male protagonist fall for her? Most of the preggo stories we see have one thing in common - The femme MC gets pregnant unwantingly due to ONS, assault etc. then, miraculously she gets a happy ever after ending with her baby and babydaddy. We rarely ever see unhappy endings like the father taking away the child or the mother leaving away her child to the father. People think that a child somehow softens the ‘hard’ bond between the female and male MCs.” I don’t really think the latter is the case. Child custody is something that’s very delicate, overwhelming and emotionally destructive for a kid. I know because my friend and several others have gone through it.
Whenever we hear the term ‘pregnancy’, we think happy and pity for the woman who’s pregnant. That’s what it usually is - the people see a baby bump and instantly become soft, just like that (plus points for preggo ladies on that account, though :grin:). People like to see the usually rude and arrogant male MC to be soft-hearted just for the female MC. And I quote this line again which appeals to people most of the time, A bad boy wants a good girl to be bad just for him. A good girl wants a bad boy to be good just for her. That been said, I’m outta here…



Same here. I’m absolutely terrified of having a living thing inside of me, like a parasite, but putting that fear aside, I truly wanted to know if anyone thought it was a cute or maybe even sexy thing to go through? (I hope not.)


Oh, dear, I hope people don’t truly think that. A child born into an abusive relationship will more often than not be abused as well.


I think “fetish” is the wrong word, fantasy is more like it, people who like these stories aren’t turned on by the idea of being pregnant (although that is a thing for some people) they like the fantasy of being a woman who ultimately gets a happily ever after as a wife and mother.


I’ve read some of the fan mail from these stories and I’m pretty sure the “appeal” is the part where they make the baby lmao (horny teenagers these days geez :rofl:)


Idk to be honest I’ve read some pregnancy stories where the girl being pregnant isn’t the main focus but other than that I don’t have much experience