Whats The Area You Work In To Create Your Stories?*idea sharing*


Hey Guys I Made This Thread So People Can Share The Type Of Area they Work In To Create Their Stories!

No Off Topic Talk
No Inappropriate Language
Have FUN

Thats All You need To Know So Share Away!

My Area!

The Couch!I Find A Comfortable Area To Sit In So I can Put My Laptop On My Lap
A Drink And Bowl Of Popcorn t My Side And My Ideas Just Pour Out On Their own.I Have My Phone And Cat Ear Head Phones Plugged In And Listen To K Pop While I Work So I Can Focus.Nothings Better Than he Best beats To listen To While You Work!

What do you need?

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I sit on the couch, play pandora (currently Lady-Gaga) then sit for at least eight hours.


ooo this is a good idea. sometimes i lay on my bed late at night and cry/listen to music when im writing it. sometimes i sit at my kitchen table before meals and do it for a little while, it depends on the day.


Right now I usually sit at the kitchen table to work, since I’m trying to get out of the habit of staying in bed with my laptop all day. I’m moving in a couple of days though, so I don’t know where I’ll end up writing in the new place. Either way, I prefer to write with either silence or the playlist for whichever story I’m working on if I need the extra boost of motivation.


thx for sharin


I usually work at my desk, with some sort of snack. For some reason, I don’t usually listen to music while writing, but I wear my headphones when previewing a scene to hear how the music and sound effects I chose fit with the scene.
However, my favorite places to write are in coffee shops. I just take my laptop there, and I almost always get inspired and have good ideas. At home, I get distracted easily.


I like to go outside and listen to music. I feel my happiest. :sun_with_face:


What do you need when you are writing your story?

Me I need one of two things!!
Quite! No TV, no talking, no noise…Just nothing
Or music!
Like for real though. Music most of the time, I don’t know why but it just helps me so much!


Dont judge but i grew up in a loud family so i like when they talk when i write sometimes their words give me insparation for a story scene or something lol


No judging form me on it! I put my head phone’s in and zone out! lol
I think it’s cool that it gives you insparation.