What's the best editing software?


Hi, does anyone know what the best editing software is for cover art? It needs to be able to add the characters on. Thanks for helping!!!


gimpy maybe?>


I use picmonkey for my splashes and they work perfectly.


I use PicsArt.


I use Polarr, a photo-editing app which is free, and Canva for my covers.


I like use Pizap and Pixlr but not for full - blown edits. I use they to add touch ups and stuff but they’re definitely useful!


I use PicsArt for splashes and I use Procreate for more advance editing or free drawing.


I use ibis paint x for character editing and put it together with a default mac software


Adobe Photoshop


I like GiMP and iBiS paint (mobile, not sure if they have a computer app) both free.


I used to use gimp but then I switched to Kirta. Either one is fine; If you don’t want to download art programs then you can use Sumopaint. It’s an online art website.


Definitely Photoshop is the best one to have. Not only for covers but also overlays, backgrounds etc.


Phonto hands down.


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