What's the best K-Drama you've ever watched?

I think the best K-Dramas I’ve watched or heard of is “It’s Okay Not To Be Okay” and “Hello My Twenties”


I’ve haven’t watched too many but so far my favourite it’s either abyss or strong girl boon soon

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It’s okay not to be okay is amazing :sleepy: I’m only on episode 2. I’ll only watch it once it’s updated to 10 or maybe even 16. I like to watch these shows in one go.

Mr Sunshine was so unique - An interesting take on the Japanese invasion of Korea. Loved it. Cried for it. Would definitely rewatch it
W - Two Worlds was a whole ride. Girl gets dragged into an action, mystery thriller comic
Extraordinary You - Girl realises she’s a character in a comic. Not even the MC just an extra who’s meant to die.
Legend of the blue Sea - A mermaid and a conman. Comedy gold
Hotel Del Luna - Fantasy. A woman who’s lived for centuries and sends ghosts to the after life. Amazing cranky female MC ( IU if you know her)
Goblin - Fantasy. A guy who’s lived for centuries and has to find the girl who can lift his curse. Comedy Gold. It’s one of the best rated Kdramas for good reason. Loved the bromance.
While you were sleeping - Literal Gold. I dare say I liked it more than Goblin. Every character was great even the villain.
My ID is Gangnam Beauty - tackled Korean beauty standards through a self conscious girl in college who got plastic surgery. It was sweet
Itaewon Class - To me its the best released drama of 2020. It captures the lgbt community, black Koreans and amazing characters constantly going through character development. The ending was just okay, not fantastic but the show…I can’t wait to rewatch it once my mind has had time to forget it.
King: eternal Monarch (2020) - It had a stunning cast. The show didn’t really live up to its hype according to me but it’s still better than so many others that I’ve seen.
Cheese in the Trap - it was originally a webtoon that I adored. The show was great. I don’t know if its for everyone but I liked how every character on the show was well developed. Even minor ones. I loved everyone, even the ones I hated :joy:. I also liked it because it was about college students.

If I don’t stop here I’ll end up listing over 50 Kdramas you need to see. Try them. Hope they match your taste


Strong Girl Do Bong Soon is hilarious :joy:

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I fully screenshot your whole reply for suggestions btw :joy::joy:

I really hope you end up liking them🤗.
Maybe add My Secret Terius/ Terius Behind Me - a stay at home mom gets swept up in the world of secret agents and spies after her husband is killed by an agent who’s being hunted by her next door neighbour who’s a disgraced ex spy being hunted by Korea’s CSI equivalent.

And Oh My Venus - also about Korean beauty standards tackled from the perspective of a once skinny girl that everyone adored who gained weight over the years and blackmails a trainer to help her lose weight. I liked that they were realistic about the process and hardships of weightloss. Also the same guy in My Secret Terius is the lead here. I genuinely only watched it because of their chemistry, the weightloss story and these two athletes that he basically mentors that are the cuties warmest creatures on the planet. (Henry Lau is in this. He’s the greatest)

Okay, I’m going to stop now before I get carried away and remember every other drama I loved.

If you want more recommendations, just let me know😁


Yess i loved oh my Venus!
I read the original webtoon/comic for itaewon class and I wasn’t sure about the tv version but now I’ll definitely watch it :two_hearts:

and I’d love to discuss and get more recommendations!!

I’ve watch soooo many
But a piece of your memory tops it for me
The emotions were so raw and the characters were mature
I couldn’t peel my eyes away from the master piece
Second place is the amazing jaw dropping When the weather is Nice holy crap the emotion and the twist
The parts about the past DID NOT SEE COMJNG. Ahhh loved it
My follow up is Extraordinary You freaking lovedddd Rowoons acting in it pure amazing
Crash landing on you is a cool take on North Korea and romance

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@Kxng_lixa I’ve watched both of them and they are really good!

@DaluGray My ID is Gangnam Beauty is one of my all-time favorites, it showed how Koreans really see beauty and how the world should really have a change of heart :blush: :sob:

@DaluGray I’ve heard of both “Oh My Venus” and “Terius Behind Me” but, I’ve never watched it. I’ll consider watching those shows though

@LemonProductions YASS! It was actually hard for me to choose the best show between all the shows you’ve listed.

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