What's the best moment you've had in your life?



What’s the best moment that you’ve had in your life?

The best moment in my life, is when I tried popeyes chicken for the first time.


My life’s best moment was like when my crush agreed to date me. I almost passed out lmao.


Gurl imagine if you passed out in the middle of the date.
Mans would think you died.


Lol I hope not. I had been stalking him for like one year… if I had passed out at the crucial time that would suck lol.


Imagine if he just left you there, “I HAVE NO BUSINESS IN THIS” :joy:


Oh god… Well i don’t mind. He is my ex now lmao.


The best moment i have had in my life was when i end up staring my biology teacher for a hour :joy::grinning:


Oooof god damn, you’ll find better hun :heart:
If you found a man that has food, you know he’s your soulmate.


I remember I ended up daydreaming in math class, I looked like a complete dumbass.


Darn right you are! A person after my own heart lol.


To me, if a person really likes you and wants to date you.
Its better than liking someone and wanting to date them, because the person that likes you will do anything to make you happy.


oh and when he stared back at me. ( somehow i got uncomfortable about it, i even broke the eye contact)


Yeah lol.


I’m the type that talks to a person without looking at them, so like I would break eye contact after 5 seconds of talking to a person.


don’t we all tho? and i don’t have any best moments that has happened in my life.


Looool how can they expect us to like study when they have teachers like that? I mean if someone forgot I am a teenager and it is my right to drool at beauty and appreciate it.




Gurl, you can say the moment you first tried a donut or smthin.

Now I want dunkin donuts chocolate sprinkles donuts.


but he didn’t break the eyes contacts which made things awkward as fuck.


I would run away :^)