What's the best story you've every read?



What are some of the best, I mean literally the BEST stories on episode you are totally in love with?

I’m literally in love with Deep Desires by @jalen_episode


The Dare, Until Death do us part, or Tortuous.


Read My Lips, Billionaire Baby Daddy, Love Me Black & Blue, The Night We Met, The Pact and 365 Days to Find Love


My Psycho :joy:


The Ember Effect, The Phoenix Prophecy, Soulbound :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Adrenaline and Bad Apple :heartpulse:


Meet me at sunrise


Galactic game


Chain reaction and ijai


Chain Reaction, it’s just in illusion, changing the bad boy, and billionaire baby daddy


On tour, Somewhere along the way, I broke my rules for you, Becoming queen Bee,
He can’t tame me, With or without you, The secret of rain.


Deep attraction, Assassins of blackwood, Hunting bad, To love again, Beast in my bones


Loving Latino and Hunting Bad by @Hopeemoon


Four Kingdoms by PL
Invariably by Kylie


Bite… it inspired me so much :sob:


Oh man, there are so many good choices out there… I’d have to say “Envy” by Cindy Gaultier is my favorite finished story and my favorite updating story is “The Lawyer and Me” by Cleo.

I’ll definitely be checking out the other stories mentioned on this thread to find new loves. :smile:


Broooooo like fr this hit me in the feels I stg I couldnt listen to depressing love songs without thinking of Lilly and Josh and dying inside ;-; I need help

Best Mistake -Violet Madison


Adrenaline, Faking death and Rebounding with storm❤️


Speak and The Ruby Tiara


Dead Roses by Beeble Hope


Eclipse by @MidnightMaiden , River by Alexandria (all of the stories by these two lovely authors are amazing-the best to ever appear on Episode, in my opinion ^^) and Flashback Friday by the wonderful @Daisy_W is an amazing read-you’ll fall in love, it’s sooooo good :grin::revolving_hearts: