Whats the best way to plan?

the story has been in my head for over a year ha ha ha but I’ve never had the chance to write it, now I am trying to write it… I find it heard know what to put and do ect.

so I need to plan but what’s the best way to plan would you say?

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I don’t exactly have an organized plan haha I mostly write ALL the ideas I have in an excel spreadsheet and try to link them so the chapter is coherent… I then separate the ideas I’ll use in the chapter I’m writing from the rest! I don’t know if it’ll work for you, but for me it was the best way I found. If you do decide to try it just be careful to not use all those ideas in just one chapter :grin:

I had struggles with planning a story too, but I found out my system in planning- well i dont really know if its a system xd, but basically its just coming up with random ideas,comments and scenes in the story and instantly writing them down, then making a list of the episodes with bullet points of scenes.

I’m in the middle of planning & writing a story right now. I’d say be very organized. Me personally, I like keeping my notes on google docs or something. It automatically saves whenever I type so I have no issue with it crashing & my notes aren’t saved.

Another way I plan is to plan out your story BEFORE your characters.

Think about:
What do I want my story to be about?
How much drama should happen?
What is the main dilemma?
How will this dilemma be solved in the end?
Simple questions like that is what makes your story unique.

Since we are talking about EPISODE, every episode you write; there is a story within that episode. (PS: End with a cliff hanger once in awhile, it’ll get the reader want to read more. :wink:)

When you’re done planning your story, I’d suggest planning your characters right after. Almost like a little biography. (You don’t have to do all characters, mostly the main ones) Their personalities could also answer some of the questions above.

For example:
Maybe you have a character who is always in trouble & never listens to what others have to say. That would answer “What do I want my story to be about?” OR “What is the main dilemma”

This really helps w/ character development. Character development is what leads the story to be THE STORY.

If you need help w/ character development here is a template (I got it from another user on here but I don’t remember what they’re user is but it’s extremely helpful for me)

Once you’re done planning everything I’d suggest jumping into coding unless you already know how to code.


Place of birth:

Current location:





Eye colour:

Hair Style:


Distinguishing features:

Preferred Outfit:

Accessory associated with them:

Distinguishing tics or mannerisms:



How do they walk:

How do they talk:

Style of talk:




Eye contact:

Preferred curse word:


Speech impediments:




Resting ___ face:



Childhood dream job:

Role models growing up:

Biggest Regret:

Hobbies growing up:

Favourite place as a child:

Earliest memory:

Saddest memory:

Happiest memory:

Clearest memory:

Skeletons in the Closet:

If they could change one thing from their past:

Three adjectives of them as a child:

Advice they would give to their younger self:

Criminal record:

Family economic status:

Closest friends:

Other significant friends:


How are they perceived by strangers:

Role in a group dynamic:

Street or book smart?:



Favourite sound:


What do they want most:

Biggest Flaw:

Biggest Strength:

Biggest Fear:

Biggest Accomplishment:

Do they want to be remembered:

Approach to power:

Approach to ambition:

Approach to love:

Approach to change:

Prized possession:

What bores them:

What makes them angry:

Strength of moral compass:

Their goal:

I really hope this helped as much as it helped me. I was asking myself the same questions. Good luck :heart:

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I honestly just write down my core idea. Then flesh it out, meaning answering questions like:

  • Who are the MCs
  • What are the challenges will the MCS face
  • What kind of setting is the best for the story
  • What are some important choices (if there are any)
  • What is the beginning
  • What is the ending

Then I do a flowchart for the entire story and a mini one for each episode.

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