What's the best way to promote your new story?


Hey guys,

I am wondering what’s the best way to promote a new story, especially when you are new here at the forum or don’t have any other Episode friends (maybe because I am not a native english speaker and I live in Germany, where Episode is not very popular)?

Are there any special tips& tricks?

I answered to other “promote your story threads” and “R4R”, but nothing happened.

I’m a little bit sad, because I spend lot of my rare leisure for writing (40h student, 15h part time job and head of department of a non-profit organisation).

I would be very happy, if you could get me any tips you have.

Thank you so much :slight_smile:


Hello Becks!

What you can do is post your story details on the forums on Promote Your Story threads but I know you have done that :heart:

I have some tips that helped me reach the number I have at the moment:

  • I made a thread asking about how engaging my description/story is

  • Made a thread about my story and what makes it stand out as well

  • If you make friends with people on the forums, they can be willing to read your story and you can have a support group that way.

  • Don’t doubt yourself as a writer or feel disheartened by lack of reads/attention to your story, there are hundreds of thousands of stories which are hidden gems. They are nestled in a cove, I am certain of it.

I know that the fruits of your labour will be reaped, and if you wish I can read your story then post about it in my promotion thread - and if you wish, I will recommend your story!


Everybody wants to promote their story, but you need to ensure when promoting your story you have something that will capture the attention of a reader, I wish you all the best and I hope I can support you on your journey.


Hey :smiley: When I published my story (Limelight):

  • I promoted it here (maybe 40-50 times);
  • R4R - no;
  • I don’t have any friends here;
  • The first day, I had 10 readers. 2 days later - 100 readers. 5 days later - 1000 etc.
  • I had 16 episodes, when I published it. I think this is important, because I’ve heard some people don’t like stories with 3 episodes (example);
  • I did my story in Limelight (100K views) and INK ( only 400 views).

Just don’t give up! Wish you luck and more readers :smiley: