What's the chef outfit called for the female limelight!

I’m writing my story and I need a chef outfit. I don’t want a casual, fancy or blah blah blah, I just want a chef outfit. I’ll credit who ever helps, thanks! :slight_smile:

like an apron ?

no, like the shirt/top that the female LL wear

something like this! but the top only!

oh I think its double breasted button up rolled cuffs skirt cotton grey white

OK THANK U! I’ll ty it.

it worked. THANK U! What should I credit u as?

no problem! And no worries you don’t have to credit me :slight_smile:

No, but i’d like to! :smiley:

Oh haha ok, you can credit me on my IG its: mandywritess :))
Thank you <3

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