What's the classroom next door like?

Yep, the same with the class next door and when my class come into their class it turned into mental alysum

Does it turn into Arkham?

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I have never heard of that tv show or movie

Arkham City Insane Asylum…from Batman

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Oh ok, well what’s it like?

REALLY BAD. It has a bunch of Gotham villians…so yeah…really bad

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Hmmm I’m not sure since I’m not a DC fan.

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But let’s call it the normal mental alysum.

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Still that sounds crazy

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Yep, it is especially today when my class were in there and there was no teacher around since one was in my class (the one next door) and I don’t know where teacher next door was.

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So true, though!

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Sooooo the next class is quiet but here’s mine!!

Pretty much we do that with our French, English[sometimes] and other teacher… We don’t do that with our Math teacher cause yhh

Yup- including myself.

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Cameron, Hayden and Nathan throwing lego at each other

The same 3 boys at my table doing their little game that they created.

I was standing on my table and chair, Cameron’s table, Hayden’s table singing body by meagan the stallion and jumping from one table to another and from the another to another one and getting down after.

Cameron and Hayden trying beat each other up on the floor.

The 2 same boys (Cameron and Hayden) trying to beat each other up, I came and broke it up.

Getting on my friend, James table and singing that body song and him find it hilarious.

So, my college is a tad bit different and we have different buildings for different classes. Sometimes there will be several rooms for different professors in 1 building, but they’re really spaced apart so nobody can hear what’s going on. However, back when there was a class next door, they were always pretty calm and made little to no noise. My class on the other hand was the loud neighbor, when you stick a bunch of class clowns together, it doesn’t roll over well.

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That’s the total opposite, the class next door is the loud neighbour and when my class are in the class next door, we both are probably the loudest class in the school!

We are literally supposed to be 5th and 6th class and you get a bunch of chaotic people who are loud and act like animals.