What's the difference? (I need help!)


Okay so I’m sorry if anyone made a topic that is my question but I tried searching and I couldn’t find anything! Anyways, let’s say I wanted my character to run to someplace in the script.

@MC walks to screen center AND MC is run_athletic

Should I do run_athletic or run_athletic_offset?
What’s the difference?
Also, if i was doing something with walk_scared, should I do walk_scared or walk_scared_offset?
Thanks in advance!


I don’t really think it matters! Both looks the same really, The offset on is them just stopping at the end.


What do you mean by “stopping?” Sorry lol I’m a noob


Like at the end of the animation they will stop. Like just stand there


Offset is usually used when you have two characters side by side. The offset one will start at a different time, so it looks more natural and not like they’re both moving each leg at the exact same time


I think offset is like, running with two characters side to side and well, to me they are gasping for air…


Thanks everyone! How do I close this?


@Sydney_H OP wishes to close this thread, please.



Topic closed by OP request. :wink: