Whats the dumbest thing a bully has said or done to you?

Kind of a random thread but yeah what is the dumbest thing some has said or bullied you for.

Period story

So when I was 14 a girl came over and asked if I knew how to use a tampon. I told her that I hadn’t started my period yet so I didn’t. I realise now that was a ploy to see if I had. She then announced to the all the girls in the changing room that I hadn’t started my period yet… to which some of the girls were like “omg seriously?” :joy: like I’m sorry that my body doesn’t want me to have babies yet :joy:

Are you gay?

again in PE, we were getting changed into out uniforms and I turned to my friend to ask for some deodorant. She was in her bra so I apologised and turned away. One of the “mean girls” turned to me and said “Omg your such a perv are you a lesbian or something?” I have never been bothered by anyone’s sexuality but just said “no” so she then proceeds to day “So you’re homophobic?” Again I said I wasn’t. She then said “So you must be a lesbian then!”
:woman_shrugging:t2: Apparently because I wasn’t bothered about them calling me a lesbian that made me a lesbian…

Love bite

I have a birthmark on my neck so it has been there since birth obviously. In my final year in school a girl came up to me, pointed to my neck and said “Omg you’ve got a love bite, that makes you a slut!” I looked at her and her friends who were laughing and pointed out that it was a birthmark. But then it was spread around the school :woman_facepalming:t2: I had to show people a photo from when I was very young to prove it was a birthmark.

Your hair is short!

So I used to have quite short hair, it was just above my shoulders. Me and another girl were arguing. She then came out with “At least I grow my hair.” Funny thing was her hair was perhaps a centimetre longer than mine so the difference wasn’t even noticeable :joy:

I look back in these now and just think how ridiculous these where :joy: has anyone else got any stories?


LMAOO these are golden.
My bullies were straight (unlike me) up trash haha.

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Lol, yess

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These guys in ninth grade called me crocman because I hate lotion so my knuckles are cracked and scaly looking…I’m a girl.

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This girl once said to me “You look like a mom”, because my hair was cut shoulder length.

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I wouldn’t consider this guy a bully but more of the annoying kid in class that no one liked because he would never leave anyone alone. So one day, I was walking to class and this kid was behind me and for some reason decided to pull my ponytail of because he thought it was a wig. The moment he knew it wasn’t, I turned around and begin to beat his ass. I don’t what he trying to accomplish considering he was much shorter than me but I never let it cross my mind and still went along beating his ass. :hugs: probably not the best way to deal with bullies or annoying people but I will tell you, it felt good.

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My bully told me “well at least I’m not smart like you”
I’m still so confused by it

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That’s actually a compliment…maybe he hated nerds?

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Honestly I’m not a violent person at all but sometimes they just push and push and push until you lash out, I was bullied a lot at school and it was getting to the point I started questioning my existence… like “why am I even here?” But one day I was feel pretty low and maths was the worst lesson to be targeted in. So I was bullied in that class pretty much all through. So emotions were high, I was frustrated, upset and angry. Then one of the girls from my maths class said something I don’t remember what but all of a sudden I realised that I had grabbed her and pushed her against the wall and shouted at her to leave me alone (with added profanity :joy:) she slapped me, I was a good student so I’d never fought anyone before so I was crapping myself but I knew I couldn’t back down especially as I started it.
(I actually didn’t know I had grabbed hold of her until she slapped me.)
A teacher came as I was about to throw a punch and was in shock due to me hardly ever being in trouble. She took me into an empty class and started speaking to me, I was so angry I couldn’t even cry.
She then asked what went on, so I told her. She then asked me to apologise and I shocked her again by bluntly telling her “No”
She told me that unless I would apologise it would have to be reported. I looked at her and told her to go ahead (I never back chatted a teacher before.) and then said that the bullying had been going on for years and no one helped stop it! I just couldn’t take anymore and if I apologise she will think she’s won. The teacher just nodded and said that she knew this was way out of character, could understand why I did it and that she would not take it further.

She didn’t really bother me as much after that.

:joy: that is so confusing… they basically insulted themselves … must have been true tho and that wasn’t exactly a smart come back ha ha ha

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I used to have the opposite for years and years people would say I looked like a 10 year old :joy:. I’m 25 now and have only just had people stop asking for ID. Kind of sad now, I must be looking my age :joy:

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I used to get called spotty… I haven’t got spots just a lot and I mean a lot of freckles which cover most of my body

That’s nothing compared to what those boys did…

Most bullies are trash… I’ve never understood why people get pleasure out of hurting others.

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I don’t know if this is considered bullying.

Never really gotten bully.

Anyways, let’s call him Dereck.

Dereck was a junior and I was a sophomore in high school. We met by me being a jerk :joy::laughing: I had my reason. He was known as the f boy of the school and I wasn’t having it. Long story short he came to my shop since I go to a vocational high school. Dereck would go there to buy donuts or pies or hot coffee or hot cocoa. Meanwhile, I would work on machines and I’d end up super sweaty :hot_face:. I’d always go to my teacher’s office to tell him if my work needs more work on it or it’s good to get the okay to continue moving on to the next step. All of a sudden I see Dereck and I literally said “Oh no”. He smirked :roll_eyes:. I left to the birdbath (where we wash our hands) and he followed me and said I don’t like the spices on this lollipop. I was like okay?

Btw the lollipop is from México :mexico:. It taste like mango and had this yummy spicy layer on top.

Moving on he said I want you to lick it off. I was like “Excuse me?”. He said “lick it off it ain’t nasty. Trust me I’ve done nastier things”. I was like “No”. He grabbed my wrist and but THE LOLLIPOP HE LICKED into my mouth and told me to suck. I sucked and then threw it out. I was mad :rage:. He was also upset but uh don’t make me suck it. The reason I sorta sucked it was because I’ve heard he has anger issues sooo :worried:.

Anyways from there on him and I would say rude things to each other :partying_face::crazy_face:.

Hate him and he knows it.

Oh might I add he knows he’s good looking which ugh :roll_eyes:.

But uh one day I heard he was leaving school. I asked why? He said I’m getting surgery. Honestly he’s not a bad guy but he liked getting under my skin. So do I :hugs:

Honestly, I hate teachers that look at the innocent person and think they are not at fault. It pisses me off how teachers will react once we lose it. Like bullying may not be visible but you can see the change of personality from the victim. Luckily, your teacher never bothered you but there are some who will side with the bully because they are presentable or kind or idk they’re their favorite kid. It’s so messed up.

One time when I was younger (like six years old) this girl made fun of my mother and me for going to Disney right after standardized tests were over. She was like you’re so childish and immature??? like what Disneyworld is for six-year-olds and all people, so idk what you talking about lol
Also her mom commented on my mom’s parenting style, but my mom clapped back. (She was talking about how she is a single mom and how she is raising my brother and I really bad)
My mom was like if you want your child to turn out miserable like you, so be it. I’m taking my child to Disney no matter what, I don’t care about your input :joy: :joy:
I was like go off mom!!
(Also, your stories are literally golden.)

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