Whats the funniest part in your story?

What is the funniest part in your story? Mines when someone walks up to her and she wants to leave so you have a choice to say, “You can save 15% on car insurance!” Or just walk off :wink:

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One whole month later…

The funniest part is when Mark, my LGBT character, says, “Savannah whatever-your-middle-is fucking Reid!!!”, or in episode 1, when he introduces himself and says, “Calm down, Honey. I give everyone cute nicknames.”

Another part is when the MC goes missing, and her secret sister is just eating a slice of pizza she bought from the store across the street from the high school! The love interest is like, “Are you serious?!” At least to me, it’s quite funny.

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In the story I’m making I’m calling it the Dynamic Duo.
There are three girls and their there for gym class. The gym teacher looking crusty dusty says hello class
Samantha thinks: “Ew”
KiKi thinks: “Same Sam, same.”
Clarissa (dummy): “what are oranges made of?”

the funniest part in mine is that I’ve published it months and it has 84 reads even after a massive promotion :joy: