What's the funniest part of an episode story?

I’m trying these “What” questioning thing others do, so here we go!
We definitely have/had encountered a part of an episode story that really made are day.
The part where you really laughed out loud but sadly ur in a public place and then ppl think ur crazy
The things that just simply made us laugh coz come on!, the character was really hilarious…
Have any thoughts?
Wouldya mind sharing it?
Coz i don’t mind reading it

whenever people do something really stupid, or do something intelligent and ruin it by doing something stupid, or when people walk off screen while talking, and when people say “stan”.


I might have seen something like that

lol they give me life

When the characters break the 4th wall. That kills me!

When I read a featured story and there’s a gem option that goes like this:

“Oh you don’t have 6000 gems? too bad you can’t wear this outfit and your crush won’t like you” gets me every time LMAO

or when the character uses an animation that doesn’t go well with what they’re saying

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What exactly is a “4th wall”?

I feel ya

It’s like when the character in the story know it’s a story and they know the author and stuff. Kinda like Deadpool.

The walking off screen while talking makes me snort


Hahah LOL

My favorite is the errors when a character says something that was written in script formation lol

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