Whats the funniest thing you've heard someone mumble in their sleep?

The funniest thing I’ve heard someone mumble in their sleep was probably my older brother. It was the morning after his 19th birthday and it was 4 or 5 am. I was still up with my cousin and we were watching the grinch. Then out of no where he mumbles.

“Mommy go fetch the sandwhiches” For some reason that made us crack up in fits of laughter and he woke up, causing him to also fall off the couch :rofl: he didnt even know it had happened.

Share some of your funny stories below :joy: Whats the funniest thing YOU’VE heard someone mumble in their sleep?


The funniest thing I have heard is my friend in her sleep between the class. She slept in history class and drooled on the bench and said “is it the time for school? Mom 2 more minutes” while sleeping… She looked sooo innocent and I had to control myself from laughing in the class…omg


Oh my— :joy:




My mom is always the one saying crazy shi- in her dreams. She once told me to go get the beans. I’m like what beans? And she yells at me like I know what she’s talking about.


My friend told me that she was on holiday once and she started sleep-walking onto the balcony and kept saying “let me out!”… luckily she didn’t try to jump off the balcony or something :joy:


I stay over a lot at my boyfriend’s. He’s a frequent sleep talker - here’s a few from the top of my memory:

“You’re going to have to go through me and hell first, ******! Sorry. Through me and heck first, ******!”
“I would like to be a kangaroo baby. The pouch must be so soft…”
“Bring me my sword! Those vagrants will pay for their crimes!
“How do we know Miss Kesha is actually dead?”

Last week we were both very drunk and he started muttering Christmas songs, which was…interesting.


Years back, my bedroom was being repainted so I slept in my sister’s room with her, and I swear to god she sleep-said, “There’s shampoo where your knees are.”


Oh I have full on conversations with my boyfriend while he’s asleep. I used to record them because they were so funny.
Once I asked him how many kids he wanted to have and he replied “27” and so I repeated “27?! Are you crazy?” and then he shook his head and said “I said two” and then he went back to snoring.

The most recent one was when I woke up early in the morning and the fan was still on and I was quite cold, so I turned it off and within a second, he was calling out “Fan, fan!” and so I turned it back on and he stopped calling out. Then I switched it off again to test him and he started calling out for the fan again. Very entertaining :joy:


“DROP THE SOCK SANDWICH!” - my little sister, 2k18


“He is so handsome”
“I want to ask him to be my bf…”

by my best friend
We never got to know who she was talking about :joy:


Imma go fuck you up, Superman. (My brother)


My grandma told me I said this.


It means the crocodiles. I probably spelled it wrong. :wink:


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Well my bf talks in his sleep constantly! Usually it is random stuff like « where is the table? » and often it is less… normal. Especially when he talks to himself and it’s impossible to understand then laugh softly. He says a lot of insults lol last time he literally said four times in a row « what the fuck is this bullshit? » and then twenty second after he goes all cute « good night love » and I don’t even answer because I don’t want to have a conversation with someone who’s asleep it’s a bit creepy so he waits another twenty seconds and goes « kisses » and then snores :joy:

One day myself I was just waking up and without knowing why half asleep I said « this is where the fresh air is that the blades of grass grow. » guess i was tryna be wise or something :woman_shrugging:




My boyfriend talks a lot in his sleep, and I’m pretty sure that most of the time he is solving maths equations and inventing new formulas :joy: But my favourite one was when he said: “Ahh, sausage canoe.”
When he woke up I asked him what a sausage canoe was, and if it’s a canoe made of sausage. He was like: “Babe, you’re so weird.”

I actually googled it and there’s a type of pizza called like this. Never heard of it, lol



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One time my mom passed out on the couch and when I walked out of the kitchen she said “Take that back”. So I said “take what?”, and she goes “you know what, no food in the living room.” Which hasn’t been a rule in the house since I was five by the way. Then she says “Do you want to go to your room?” I haven’t lived there in years. But she was asleep and I wasn’t going to argue with a sleeping person and she would for sure have woken up irrationally mad at me so I just said “okay, sorry mom.” and went about my business.


I guess that was the safest thing to do! :joy: