What's the longest/shortest time you have waited for a background/overlay to be approved?


That Pending Review gets me every time!

I’ve been waiting for my cover arts to be approved and it’s been a week now.

I heard this is normal, so I guess patience is key.

What’s the longest/shortest time you have waited for a background/overlay to be approved?


Shortest - 2-3 days
Longest- 2 weeks
And there are many topics like this ,you can see lot of people reply their😃


Shortest: within the same day
Longest: currently like 8 days and counting :woman_shrugging:


shortest - two days
longest - 6 days and counting


shortest : minutes (usually right around contest deadline)
longest : eight days


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Shortest - 2 hours
Longest - 10 days


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Shortest - Same Day
Longest - 1 week & 1/2


Shortest: Maybe twenty minutes.
Longest: Over two weeks.


I have been waiting about a week rn I just checked and still reveiwing :slightly_smiling_face:


Shortest 2 days
Longest 8 days and counting.


Shortest: a few hours.
Longest: A week (and counting).


Shortest: a few seconds! (I was so lucky! :weary:)
Longest: 10-11 days :expressionless:


Shortest: Same day
Longest: Right now… it’s already been a week.


Shortest: idk a few days (lost track of time XD)
Longest: Over a week


Some of us have waited over 2 weeks for approvals can’t publish till it’s approved is there anyway you guys can please speed up the process


My shortest approval time is around 3 days while my longest was between 1-2 weeks (didn’t notice the exact time).