What's the longest story you've come across on Episode?


I’d love to know what are the longest Episode stories you’ve read that are also completed? “My Episode Lover” by Anneliese Allen was the longest one at 62 chapters. “Pregnant by My Student” was a close second with 60 chapters.

Are there more around that length or longer that are completed? Would love to know about them so I can check them out!


The Lovely One in INK by episode.Naemi is around 75 chapters, it isn’t completed but she updates often.


I found one with over 200! I think it’s a vampire story.


I looked a story “Dripping Mascara” (I think everybody have heard of it…)
It has around 167 episodes or more or less…Don’t remember the exact number…
It is really a great story it will definitely keep you hooked…
It is Classic…


Of the ones I’ve read…
Dripping Mascara has well over 100 Episodes
Speak has 68 and counting (Author states will be 90)
Both stories are amazing.


200 ? brahhhhh that’s like . . . wowww


Lol for me the longest story for me is 70 I think but yesterday I saw a story that has got more than 160 and I was like :open_mouth: :scream:


Wow, thanks for the responses everyone! Here I thought discovering a 60 chapter story was something! But 200? Lol! I’ll have to check them out! I’ll probably start with the Ink ones since the Classic style is a little hard on my eyes (I came in during the Ink era so I’m biased lol), but I will certainly give them all a look!

If anyone else has anymore, feel free to add!


I came when Ink was there even LL was released and have stories in LL style…
But I came to love Dripping Mascara really…
I tried to write in it but well it seemed a little tough for me don’t know why…though…


I think I’ll check it out since it a few of y’all recommended it! I think the characters are hard to look at. That’s really my only issue lol


Well I thought there action were funny in some cases so I really liked it…
But when I started Dripping Mascara I wasn’t really attracted to it…
So I left after reading the first episode but on a day there weren’t any stories left for me to check out so I thought Why not give it a try again and I am literally saying I got addicted to it…


I’m a sucker for a good story (especially since Episode seems to promote a lot of cliche stories, and you have to find the good ones on your own), so I’ll add it to my favorites!


I couldn’t have my story go on that long if I wanted to! lol


Please do you will definitely love it…


Neither can I but don’t know how long my story would be though if I guess it can be 30 to 40 episodes but I have to see…:thinking::thinking:


The longest I have read is 42 episodes, and the longest I have come across was about 80 episodes


It’s got 132 episodes :slight_smile:

  • Speak by @J.Miley 68 episodes and counting :heart_eyes:
  • Anatomy of Life by Isabella.T
  • You Were Mine by @A.Borgonia


Dripping Mascara. Isn’t that at least 150 episodes?


More than that @Booklady1017