What's the most horrible things that can happen to you when you are writing your story?


So, I’m curious of what thing can happen when you are writing that make you angry

Today I was writing and I wrote 200 lines with coding, direction, choices… I just had to write “@transition fade out black in 3” and then save but the page changed, I went back but then the page reloaded :sob::sob:

That’s why I’m asking you guys, because I think I’m not the only one that experience something like that​:joy::joy:


ummm… i also wrote 150 lines it was directing… i have to do it again…


I hate when this happens :cry::joy::joy:


Well… you can forget ur plot or your computer can shut down ig


Well, in a worse case scenario, say
you’re writing on your computer late in the evening and then…


He tries to steal all your skittles and dark chocolate!

You in a hurry to defend your stolen goods, RUSH after the man… Only to trip over the computer cord and LOSE all your hardwork. :frowning:

MAN, that would suck! Not only did you lose your script but also your Skittles


I like to get a bit complex with my overlays and spotting and one day I had just worked for a couple of hours beta testing commands til I got it just right and when I was just about done, I accidentally hit a button at the top of the screen and I watched in horror as the page loaded my work away :sob:


They should make auto save​:joy::joy: every 5 minutes, it save it self


I literally hit save roughly every 10 lines now :joy:


Well, if you have a cat then you know the struggle…
For all the others basically your cat gets on your computer and he’s too cute for you to get him off, so you live him there for a minute. He starts typing random letters and then he closes your page or worse your computer … :disappointed: :crazy_face:


:joy::joy:I got 4 cats but they live with my dad so I don’t have any problems :joy: #cat owners problems


When I started writing I had the fantastic idea to list everything I have in mind for my upcoming chapters in a “new episode” on the portal.
I had many dialogues and directing script lines written and when I actually wanted to continue my story, I deleted the lines I didn’t need yet, and copy-pasted to a new episode again and so on. Once I deleted my whole script, but didn’t save anything… And that’s the story how I finally memorized ctrl+c is cmd+c on Mac.

By the way, I don’t know whether you have noticed, but when you open a chapter on the webportal, there is a “See All Previous Revisions” option on the left side, below Script Tools. I just realized this like 2 weeks ago, but better late than never I guess :smile:
Of course you can check only your previously saved versions there, but it still can be useful sometimes.


I think the “See All Previous Revisions” deal is a recent update.
Don’t feel bad for missing it.


I feel bad. Really bad. I just get so angry that I start cursing non-stop and won’t quit until I start mourning by crying for my loss.
It did happen to me. And this was before the Previous Revisions update. I had written nearly 1500 lines when my stupid computer decided to Let It Go by getting disconnected from network connection. I had to reload all over again and brainstorm my story all over again. Yeah, 1500 lines worth of hardwork, creativity, patience and bit of sweat (The air conditioner wasn’t working) gone into Satan’s hellhole! :cry::angry::unamused::persevere::sob:


The worst that can happen to you is that you keep typing and typing until you hear one of your doors creak. Startled, you accidentally drop and break your mouse. Aw. You look to see who startled you. It’s an unknown stranger. Scared, you hide under your computer desk. The unknown stranger walks up to your computer and reads what you wrote. Sh*t, you think, he’s reading what I wrote. Snickering, the unknown man grabs the computer and throws it on the floor. He grabs a random bat out of nowhere and smashes your computer.
“I’m the computer breaker,” he says, “Ta ta!”
The unknown stranger leaves the house, while you cry that you’ll never be able to write Episode ever again. Or, at least until you’re twenty because your mom won’t buy you a computer.
That’s the worst thing that can happen to you. :slight_smile:


Did that ever happen to you? I mean, in real life? Because that is damn hilarious! :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat:


Oh OK, that was my first thought as well, but then I let convince myself it was not new, I’m just that idiot :smile:


That never happened, but I’m creative…:smirk:


As of now? Losing inspiration for my story before I can get it finished for the contest deadline.


Lmao! I was literally just coming in here to say this! I’m on chapter 3 and losing inspiration fast. Sorry, it’s not actually funny, but it kind of is? :laughing: :sob:

And another… when you finally get inspiration and you’re proud of the 400 or so lines you’ve wrote and directed… then your cat walks over your laptop and makes you lose all your progress.


Especially 'cause I started so late too! I still have a chapter and a half to write and only ten or so days! y i k e s.