Whats the oldest/youngest you have been mistaken for?

So pretty much everyone gets my ages wrong :joy: they either mistake me for being really young or really old. Here are the funniest experiences I have.

Too young

I was out shopping on a weekday, I decided to stop at a cafe for some dinner. As I was eating I noticed an old woman was staring at me disapprovingly, I ignored it but she carried on, eventually she approached me and said “it’s youngins like you who make a bad impression.”
I was confused and asked her what she meant. She then said “skipping school, do you know how many people want the education you get but can’t!”
I started laughing which she didn’t appreciate until I informed her that I was 21 (now 25) and this was my day off. :joy::joy::joy:

Another one, I was 21 and me and my cousin were shopping, there were free samples of chocolate, so we approached and was about to try one when the lady asked “I’m sorry but have you got your mum with you? These have nuts so we have to be sure you can try them. We laughed and I showed her my ID :joy:

Too old

My friend was taking her baby to the doctors and asked me to come with her for support, so I did. She was 21 and I was 24. So we went into the doctors room, he looked at my friend and said “so you’re mother?” She confirmed that she was. The he turned to me and said “Do you are grandmother?” I was like :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth: no I’m just a friend…

Seriously this dude thought I was old enough to have grandchild :joy::joy: he could have asked what relation I was but nooo :joy:

Another one a few years back me and my friends were going a club as I was going to give him my id he said “don’t worry love, I can tell you’re old enough.” My mate blurted out “how old do you think she is?
He only goes and replies 30 :joy: I was 20

Honestly I don’t know how people can have such a drastic misconception of my age, I do find it funny though… there are some who are close enough though :joy::joy:

How about you guys?


I constantly get mistaken for being younger than I am.
When we were 20 me and my friends went to see a movie that was 16+ and the guy asked for our ID’s, my friend felt so offended and I just laughed.

The other day we had people come over to check something at our house and I opened the door, they instantly asked me if one of my parents was at home and because I didn’t know what it was about at first so I called my mom. When the guy realized how I was like taking care of it and obseving them he asked me how old I was and I said 24. He was really surprised and told me he thought I was far younger put that I should take it as a compliment.
The last time It was my grandmother she was like ohh I still thought of you as 15 I said grandma what have you done? :woozy_face: :joy: but I’m the youngest sibling, we don’t really grow in other peoples eyes I guess.

I rarely get mistaken for being older. There were just times when people asked which one was the older one between me and my siblings, one is 7 and the other one 3 years older.
There was one time when I had an internship in a hospital and a patient suddenly started saying things like your parents must be sad that you don’t live with them anymore, she probably thought I was working there and was living alone, I was like 14/15 and thought it was really funny for being mistaken as an adult.

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This first one might be disgusting — :nauseated_face:. When I was about 10-11 years old these grown men, EW. They thought I was 20-22 years old due to me being developed so early.

But most of the time people think I’m 18-22 years old. Why? They always be like — you’re so mature for age. You’re grown, blah blah blah :joy:.

Oh and once me and my cousin went to see a movie and so we bought tickets, the cashier asked for student discount and we said no, then she turned her head and looked at me in a way as if she was thinking “Really?” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I mean why would I lie, I’ll happily take that discount :joy:

Hey!! Im 15 but its really weird like some people think Im 13 and some people think Im 17 idk, its so confusing

Hahahah, I’m always mistaken as younger… :(( I’m 18 and one of my co-worker thought I was 14 :sweat_smile: (RIP to me…)

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