What's the point

What is the point of featuring because smart readers will just go and read the original, episode removes so much stuff when they feature stories which I hate, they should give shoutouts to authors the want to promote not featuring

Originals are always best, if authors don’t want their story to be feature because episode always changing stuff then they have the right to say no, and I agree with the shoutout.


Well I believe the authors are getting paid for their story to be featured which I think they would appreciate more than a shoutout hence the reason why they’ve given them the rights to their story in the first place


because money

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You don’t need to bump something that’s already at the top lol.


Not really, I can only assume it’s a few bucks plus it’s 18 plus soooooooooooooooo and If you lied about your age and you are not 18 the money would just sit therr

and anyone who gets a shoutout should get money boom problem solved!

very true.

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you can only bump something if it’s been inactive for a day or more though lmao


why would it only be a few bucks?

“here, we’re buying your story, here’s $15”

it’s obviously more… episode is cheap, but that’s just be plain pathetic.


But that’s not what’s happening explaining the reason why stories are being featured

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“We’ll buy your story for $5 and a kitkat.”



well that’s how life is


I was being sarcastic. Episode must be paying authors at least decently or so many stories wouldn’t be featured. No one is going to sell the rights to a story they’ve put their heart and soul into for nothing.


some featured stories are questionable but some others are actually pretty ok stories

I think the shout out is the shelfs they make

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yeah tht could be one.

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It’s already been said, but authors do get paid. Not sure how much, but I honestly doubt anyone is selling their story for loose change.

Loyal readers of the author might read the featured version because it includes new assets and sometimes new scenes.

And because of the new update, people who are new to the app aren’t able to read the original version. They have to read gem stories first. I imagine newcomers might end up reading one of these stories.

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That video is in regards to getting into the payment program. I imagine it’s a bit different if episode just buys the rights to a story. :grin: