What's the Purpose for the "Supporting the Author" choice? 🥸

I’m a brand new writer on Episode but for ages, I’ve noticed that authors almost always add these options:

“Support the Author”
“Don’t Support the Author”

But I never understood why.
Did it have to do back when authors used gems (which came back :unamused: ) or something? Like I don’t think authors can see our choices.


I think it has something to do with gems

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It’s for those who want to get into the Writers Payment program, but don’t want to include gem choices

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Ohhh and people can see that we supported them?

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Well not necessarily, but if an author has enough people choose the support the author option in a certain amount of time, they can unlock the writers payment

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its a gem choice, but not evryone have the ability to see gem choices in community stories, example I have episode on my tablet and my phone, I see them on my tablet but not my phone.

but even if you cant see them and it wont cost you a gem it still count as a gem choice for the authors