What's the strangest thing you did today?

Hey guys,
So, I had this really random thought and I guess I’m curious. What’s the strangest thing you did today?

I, myself, somehow managed to subconsciously put my stylus in a bowl of mashed potatoes. Honestly, I have no clue how that happened lol

Your girl Cat


The Day just started for me xx

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I was the witness to one of my ex-friends inflating a balloon and then popping it.
The sound was so loud, people from the other side of the cafeteria turned to his direction.

That’s a Major Class 2 violation of the rule book: cafeteria disturbances.

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I wore one really long sock on one foot and a short sock on another foot. I went to work.

I slipped on plane marble floor and I wasnt even walking?

I bought 6 small packs of gummy candies with 4 pieces within each packaging :stuck_out_tongue:

The day just began for me, it’s the morning, but… probably wiggled around on the floor like a possessed worm


I got out of bed.

I fell into animal pen at a petting zoo and then got stuck


I ate a lot of chocolate!!:chocolate_bar: A LOT OF CHOCOLATE

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Well yesterday there was a exhibiton on school. And out of nowhere this guy started dancing in front of me and the whole class was looking and laughing at me…
So yeah and nothing crazy happend to me today. :smile:

I did the Bust down thotiana dance with my friend :joy:

The strangest thing I did today was think about the strangest thing I did today.

Did that sound complicated? :no_mouth:


I asked one of my friends to go to an art museum and then hit up the open streets for First Friday and she said yes, even though that type of thing bores her to death. I’m totally shocked. My friend is an introvert and really hates being in crowds and she’s not fond of being around people as a general thing. She doesn’t really like to do much aside from watching YouTube and IG videos :rofl: so I’m not sure why she agreed. I’m an extrovert and I love being around others and I think she feels bad that when we hangout that it has to always be away from crowds, which cripples me since I like hanging out and interacting with random ppl.

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That’s actually like such a mood

I don’t care what it’s called. It’s still strange that my friend agreed to do something that she would never do- which is to be surrounded by a bunch of people.

One of my friends is exactly like your friend lol

not today, but a couple days ago i ate almonds… while showering…


Lol oh man it’s a pain. I love her but for some reason, I always attract introverts and they always gotta have some sort of social anxiety issue but they really like me. Sometimes I wonder if I’m used as a crutch.

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I ate all the chips while bathing my dog.
For breakfast, I only left behind one frosted sugar cookie.
Maybe that was why my stomach hurt during school…