What's the title of this story?

I’m looking for a story I’ve read some time ago (2+ years) but didn’t favourite it:

  • it’s in Limelight + CC
  • genre: maybe romance, drama
  • it has to do with music, band, romance etc,
  • It’s about a young woman (MC) who works as a manager for musical artists. She gets to work with a six-piece band - I think the title was something along the lines of “six hearts” but I can’t find anything :(((
  • So the MC’s job is to get the band some recognition/publicity etc. and throughout the story it’s also the aim to befriend the band members. Each time you make progress a heart in a specific colour (for each band member) pops up and shows the progress.
  • I don’t remember if there were any plot twists or how it ended, but it would be really cool if some of you guys knew the title of this story!


The description sounds similar to Tick Tack by Alejandra

omg yes that’s it!!! Thank you so much :sunny:

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