What's the Weirdest Dream You've Ever Had?



The title says it all!
I’ll start.
I had a dream where I was making fried rice, and a pterodactyl ripped off my roof and stole it. He then flew away. Enraged, I traveled the world, joined by Han Solo, my uncle, Natalie Portman, and a man made of eggs to reclaim my fried rice.

Alas, it was not meant to be. When we arrived, the Pterodactyl killed us all with his laser nipples. As I faded, he ate my fried rice.


A couple nights ago in my dream

My sister summoned Annabell the doll thing to kill my mom :sweat_smile: at 12pm i stayed with her and we were crying together at 12 my mom started sfreaming and i looked behind me it was a playboy bunny in a tux just staring at me then my dog came in and ripped his head off


My sister had a dream about a giant rabbit in the backyard she would fistfight. It was recurring.


I had a dream where a mysterious out of contest voice taught me how to play Minecraft.


I once had a dream where I was in an endless hallway. On each end, was a glowing eye. I couldn’t go one way or another. And in the background, you could hear All Star, by Smash Mouth.

Woke up in a cold sweat. I’m not even joking.


Oh! I have one!
I once dreamed that a man kidnapped me and locked me down in a dark basement. I was fighting hard against the chain that kept me down, but there was no way I could have escaped. I could hear that man’s voice even if he wasn’t in the room and it was giving me really bad allucination. When he finally entered the room, he was wearing a pink cover with hearts that covered his head completely. I laughed so hard that I woke up crying.




I had a weird dream where a bunch of hands with eyes where chasing me. Like I was jumping around on my bed (at this time I was like four but I’ve always remembered this dream) and like my step dad was a mini ballerina and my mom was a giant head.


I had a dream that the sun decided it hated humanity and started to throw yellow ball that killed people. I woke up when the sun killed me.


Okay big one:
I had a dream I was in my junior high in class. Then all of a sudden this giant robot came outta no where and everyone didn’t say anything. I got up from my seat and ran outside toward the monster. Then my hair was to my butt and I was wearing this tight black cat suite thingy. With like a whip. So then I start running but like in slow mow. Then of course the monster picked me up and smiled then I yelled at it to let me go, and it said he loved me and was walking back then I woke up.


Oh! I once had this dream that I was on a car kidnapped—the car didn’t have walls or a roof. The people that kidnapped me were male models, and then, we were some how driving through the mountains. Then the driver feel asleep and I used the men as a parachute as I flew down a ravine.


So I was dressed in all blqck and suddenly a mintage type thing was starting but I began to fly/float. I said I would kill feed and George beacsue international spys do that and they were a danger to society with voldmorts new reign. It was weird


So beware long post ahead:

Weird Dreams I had
Dream 1

Okay so this first takes part in a really deep people, I mean like so deep, instead of children not swimming on it they were the ones swimming on the middle of the pool and the adults would be scared in the corner, and theres this thing something black its kind of like 5 buses together it had an image of a black hole and it was sucking the things in, during that time I was running like I was the flash with my younger sister who was as fast as me, we seperated with my family and I had my sisters with me. We were like going resort hopping stopping by each resorts because the black hole would slow down whenever we saw a resort. Its really weird because when we got to my home in the dream people were panicking and me and my family was just playing PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds (Dont ask) They were all dying outside and we were just laughing in the house… I woke up

Dream 2

This dream was about a president we were all supporting, he held a free treat under the ocean (The ocean is like only 10 ft) And then the only rule was Do not go out the barrier there was this have circle barrier thingy and then I was so curious how it felt like to be outside so when I touched the ocean that was outside the barrier it began sucking me in. They tried pulling me in with rope but I couldnt. I feel like I couldnt breath good thing my sister was playing toys, there I was awoken by her toys.

Dream 3

I was shocked with this dream since I hate school and I dreamed about transferring schools and I would like try to kill everyone who wanted me to transfer schools so… I ended up killing my family and I woke up…


I had a dream that I was at school and Lucas from Gachaverse was my teacher… XD


Warning: Blurred is swearing

I had a dream and I was naked at school and I was like bitch what the actual flying fuck.

and sometimes my anxiety triggers after having a weird dream. Lol.

One time I also had this dream and it was fucking scary.

Scary ass dream

One time. I was at school, and after school me and my friends went to the forbidden lake and we jumped in. I saw this snake like thing and people called it the puppet master or some shit. Later that night a was attracted to the lake like some mako mermaid shit, I ended up jumping into the lake and being attacked by the puppet master. After that hot guy Liam saved me but then he was killed my the monster. After that it jumped out the lake and killed me lol.

I woke up sweating lol.


I had a dream I lost my two front teeth and it felt very real. And I was happy to wake up and realize I didn’t actually lose my two front teeth. Haha.


I once had a dream where I got into a fistfight with my ex’s morbidly obese uncle.


I had a dream about a possum that teleported in my room. The day before that dream I saw a squirrel outside of my window and I thought it was a possum so I dreamed about it lol


i had a dream about my crush and it went wrong :joy: cause we made slime together and he accidentally ate it idek