What's This Animation Called?


What’s This Animation Called?


It’s called react_startled_embarrassed :blush:


YESS!!! Thank you soooooo much. My friends and I have been looking for it forever. Your a lifesaver!:sob: :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart:


It’s no problem! What’ your story about? :thinking:


Well this one is about the monster under MC’s bed. And how he is her friend and stuff.


It sounds interesting. Private message me and tell me more about it! :blush:


It doesn’t work.


That’s strange… it should do. Let me quickly check it. :thinking::blush:


Ya, it doesn’t work. Weird, my character doesn’t show up on screen when she’s supposed to be doing the animation :thinking: :woman_shrugging:


This animation is only for limelight. The animation above is a hidden INK animation.


Ahh I’ve realised that the animation I gave you is for LimeLight. The animation for INK is different. Gimme a sec and I’ll find the name for you. :blush:


Oh alright, that makes much more sense :laughing: Thanks for helping me with this btw


Wait then how do we make it work?


You can’t. It’s a hidden animation that’s only avaiable for Featured stories.


Noooo :sob: :sob: That really sucks. Thanks for telling me


So if a story gets featured do they automatically get new animations on the episode interactive sites?


If you want to use the animation for cover art or just to screenshot it, the name of it is:

Using this animation will cause an error in your script so you cannot publish your story, but you can still see the animation when you test it out in the app.


@Dara.Amarie @C.Melody
Yeah. It’s a hidden animation called ‘shocked’.

I’d recommend going onto YouTube and watch a few tutorials on how to use hidden animation. Sometimes you can be successful in using hidden animation, but others aren’t so lucky. :sweat_smile:


The “shocked” animation is different from the one above.


If a story gets featured, the author works with Episode and so they get granted access to special features like hidden animations and/or new clothing.