What's this animation?

What’s the animation where the character looks kind of scared and is looking off to the side with their hands kind of up near their mouth? (I’ve seen it with females.) INK.

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For ink? If yes then I think it’s shocked or startled

INK yes, I’ll add that to the post.

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No it’s not shocked or startled_surprised.

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Maybe I’m confusing limelight and ink, I don’t know anymore :joy:

Is it mortified?

No :frowning_face:

Wait, I’m searching…just hold on a second.

I found it… In limelight :joy::joy:. I swear I’ve seen it in INK though… Maybe I’m just hallucinating :joy:.

Limelight, react_startled_embarrassed

I feel so stupid :joy::joy:. Sorry guys!

Is it idle_terrified?