What's this error? It is called "20097" What is it?

What is this error???

Do you have something against the space bar ?

This was just how I wrote back then, oh my gosh, do I have to add spaces to all the lines?


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@Dara.Amarie What do you think ?

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On what line is the error and can you screenshot or copy and paste the code from there?

I click on the error but it takes me to the first line and when I started this story the error was never there. I left it for awhile and then for some reason the error popped up and I don’t now why. Has anyone had this error before and I you can please teach me how you fixed it?

I never encountered this error :thinking:

Let’s tag @Dara.Amarie again :smile:

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Good luck xD

Had to deal with this error ealier. Clicking the save button got rid of it for me.

I took out every line and replaced it with a script template from episode and the error is still there.

I had to copy and paste it back.

Never worked. I sent a support ticket. I am waiting

Based on your newer replies, your sending a support ticket was probably the best thing you could’ve done. I don’t know how this error could’ve possibly came about.

I FOUND THE PROBLEM! Turns out, I had an empty character (A character with nothing on it and is basically invisible) It was what was causing it, YAYYYY!

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Finally ! Congrats !!

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You can close the topic, now. :grin:

Thank you to all the peeps who tried to help and mostly thank you to God who helped me fix it. :):grinning:

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Glad you were able to find your resolution! :slight_smile:

Topic closed by OP request.