What's Trending on Episode?

Hello! I have a long history with writing on Episode and reading when I was a bit younger. I have since taken a 1-2 year break (give or take) and have now come back under a different alias to become reinvolved. I want to start writing again because I miss it, and I’m excited to get back into reading. My question is, what genres and tropes are trending on Episode at the moment? From what I’ve gathered it’s predominantly romance? but I’d like to hear it from people who have been involved with the app for a while. It would be awesome if you could help me out.
Roxanne Spirals xoxo


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Ah, yes, romance definitely; it’s rare to find a story without it, and, fittingly, it’s the most popular genre on the app (followed by “drama” then maybe “mystery”?). Mafia stories seem to be the new it-thing, kind of an evolution to the regular bad boy archetypes; now, we’ve given them excessive firepower and money. I also see a lot of werewolf stories popping up; those may be on the rise as well. All-in-all, mostly ripped, domineering men who have a fixation with overpowering a fiesty yet weak-willed MC. Not much has changed really, haha.


Mafia is the new-in thing?? I remember when that was basically the only thing on the app! :laughing:


Really :4?! Ah, then, it’s new to me at least. I also took a 2 year or so long break from Episode so the last “big” thing I remember was PLL and vitriol for early LL designs.


Yea it is, haha. I recently read a story based on a mafia, and then I decided I should start writing. I wanted to do a story based on that~ but I want my idea to be new. When I read mafia stories, it’s always a ruthless guy, then one day meets this girl, and changes. I like them~ but new is good. But, yah… I’d say it’s like bad boy romance~ crime romance, stuff like that


Its celebrity romance in trending Lol
AND CaN’T BeLiEvE MafIa WaS ThE OnLy THinG On ThE ApP :sweat_smile:


I know righttt, haha

The sci-fi category was (FINALLLYYYYYYYYY) added within the past year, so you could do a sci-fi story! There is also an official LGBT+ category if you want to write a kewl story within that genre. Or you combine the above!


Werewolf stories are definitely becoming increasingly more popular, and I’d say generally fantasy and sci-fi stories are too but mafia stories and romance stories are definitely still on top as far as popularity goes and that’ll probably never change tbh. :joy:🤷

I also think female LIs being included as options to choose from instead of just male are more of the norm now too and female versions of the male LIs as well.


OH MY GOD THATS AWESOME! We’ve been asking for that for like… ever!

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Gotta be honest, I’m not surprised that werewolves are a thing now :laughing: I mean its almost a mix of dangerous bad boy and mafia!

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Bad to the bone. :bone: Woof woof. :joy: