What's up people?


How ya doin?
What’s new?
Nothing,casually 1:15AM editing some chapters and nothing special. :smile:






How r u ?


I’m really good,It’s a bit boring here.
Where are you from?


The U.K. you ?


Republica Srpska.
Btw I always wondered how do you guys read “Republica Srpska” ?
Btw I’m not from English-speaking country.


Idk where that is lol is it in Europe lol


Hahhahahah It is in Europe.
A lot of people think it is in Africa lol.
I know almost every country,I heard British people and people from America do not learn about other countries,is that true?


No we do I’m just bad at geography lol :joy:


Geography and History were my favourites in Middle school,but we don’t have them.in High School :frowning:


Oh I have heard of your country I just am forgetful :joy:


It is right next to Serbia


I would lovee to live in UK or America my country is so small,some people haven’t even heard for it. :frowning:


The U.K. Is fairly boring tho lol :joy:


Also Tom Holland is from UK so that is my favourite country. :joy:


Oh yeh lol I like him to😂 What type of stereotypes do u hear of the U.K. ? I always ask people this lol


Well we heard…every house there is brick house,every day is raining,American people are loving British accents…not a lot actually and that everyone is pale hahah :joy:


:joy::joy::joy::joy: I’m not pale lol and it’s actually been super hot over the last couple of weeks here like 30 degrees (which is a lot for the UK lol) and it has t rained in weeks it’s been really weird :joy::joy:


Do you know anything about my country/Serbia/Bosnia/Croatia ?
Or have you heard anything about those countries? :joy: