What's up people?


I’ve heard a lot of stuff about Bosnia but can’t remember lol :joy:


Here it was raining whole day,usually It is about 30 degrees at least when it is summer.Sometimes it goes up to 40° :call_me_hand:


I live in Bosnia but we have two parts of country Republica Sprska and Federacija hahah :joy: It is very complicated,people in federacija are “bosnian” and people in RS are “Serbian” :joy:


You probably heard about how we drink bear every day,how we hate people.from.federacija and people from federacija hate us (we’ve even been in a war ) :joy: and we are good at sports mosly (that sport in the water with ball idk how you say it in English) and basketball because we are TALL


What’s up?
Ans: sky, star😂those are up
How ya doing?
Standing in train🤔 so…I am bored😪
What’s new?
Earth’s position in universe :sweat_smile: and the train I am traveling :joy: (not sure about train though​:sweat_smile:)