What's up with forum weddings and families? What is the purpose and other stuff?

Hey, Dahl here! (President of Episode Bliss)

I’m gonna step out my professional character for a second…

I’ve been scrolling through because I have no life… and I noticed that there were these things called forum wedding/families. Then I noticed a lot were cancelled, too. Someone fill me in on the purpose of these please, because A, i dont know if they are stil going on, and B, they sound cool and I wish I had a family, but I rlly dont get it… :sweat_smile:


Yeah it’s just a little fun thing that some friends do with others.

A. They’re always going on someone is getting married or asking someone to be there kid.the life in the forums lol

B.Lol yeah I getcha they’re really cool, and just wait someone will ask you to be their child. Like me for example I have ten forum kids and one husband.


Thats really cool actually. I’ve had my personal account for a few weeks and nothing yet…

Here’s an edit I MADE OF MYSELF me the unicorn its not fake im magical

so im a unicorn gal looking for a family, whether thats romantic relationships… or i will be your cute unicorn child… lmao im so cringe


Brooooooooooo that looks so swanky YESSSSSSSSSSS I love it!!! I would adopt you but I hit like my maxim amount of kids,and my husband doesn’t even know that he has 9

omg lol hehe

thank you btw

Ikr lol but no problem girl!

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so do i just wait 4839666669 years for a fiance?

because i’ll wait longer if needed im clueless here


They just kinda come when you find them. My friend/sister in law @BadassSaasha is a matchmaker and I’m sure she can help you.


Great! I’m not very appealing, so I guess im doomed as far as a family nobody wants to marry a unicorn gal, or adopt them


Mememem i neeed oneeee

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Need what?

@Episode_Bliss don’t say that!!! It took me like a month to find a husband

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A fiancee

Welp you two are y’all willing to be married?


Never in a year

Oh well my friend @BadassSaasha has a matchmaking thread and you can go there.

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Isnt LIWF your finace

What no

Hehehehe I will go talk to her