What's ur weakness when u feel Low..?

  • Sleeping
  • Sleeping
  • Sleeping
  • and Sleeping


~ ice cream
~ phone




Omg I thought I was the only Oreo fanatic on this forum.

Oreos are my weakness when I’m sad.

They make me feel like I’m in the clouds and there’s nothing to worry about anymore


Oreo 4ever


Pssh definitely not. I adore oreos. I love them. Oof I worship them. If I could I would jsut marry Oreos one day. Though I’d have to eat my husband then! But it’s certainly a nice thought. :joy::joy::joy:


Yasss girl.


Who’s your husband?


I was talking about if I ever married Oreos LMAO. Not a real husband.


Oh… So… Yeee… Awkward :no_mouth::joy: