What's with the reply caps on PMs and Topics? Why is it like that?


In the Forums, PMs can only go up to 500 replies. I would like to know why that is, as well as whether or not that can be changed.
@Jeremy @Liz @Ryan

Also it’s just plain frustrating for people to have to make new ones when they run out of repljes!


wow never noticed that, but then again I don’t message people often on here :rofl:


OMG SUPPORT! I have an art group and we keep having to remake the pm


Lol, I agree. My art group has like 50 million chats open because of the 500 reply limit. :frowning:


flash back to that moment when you asked Trinity if you could do the 1,000,000 reply thread in PMs, and she never replied

ooohhh that’s probably why she never replied to me - but support !


Lol. It’s hard to keep track we have so many


True that’s kind of weird




Just a tiny bump.




Support AND BUMP.



…And Burping :joy:


bumping (no need to), but when did @AS007 get a new pfp?






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S. U. P. P. O. R. T.



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Thank you!