wHATS WRONG HERE i am tyered and i want to update

@SABINE enters left AND SABINE walks to spot 1.280 86 3 AND SABINE faces Right

If your character is walking backwards, you have to do
@SABINE enters left and walks to spot 1.280 86 3
@SABINE faces right

Or you could do:
@SABINE spot 1.280 -30 (get the character off screen) 3
@SABINE walks to spot 1.280 86 3
@SABINE faces right

she is not walking backwards.

The examples I included don’t just prevent a character from walking backward. You didn’t really specify what the issue was so I assumed it was either walking backwards, or it said there was an issue with the line. You can try my second example.

@SABINE enters from left to spot 1.280 86 3 THEN SABINE faces right

can you do this for coming in right and not backwards.

I think it would be something like:
@SABINE spot 1.280 484 3
@SABINE walks to spot 1.280 86 3
@SABINE faces right

If you try this and your character begins in a weird spot, it’s because 484 is a spot in “zone 3” and not “zone 1”.

To try this out yourself, you can simply just drag your character off-screen, and make them walk to a specific spot on screen. This is also a way to make children/shorter/taller characters appear the same height walking into view. :slight_smile:

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