What's wrong here please?

Why episode 5 overlay doesn’t appear? What’s wrong with the coding?

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Maybe you could try putting it on the same line as INT. BLACK - NIGHT


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Hm, I always copy and paste the position of the overlay. Whenever I do, there’s always a number that appears before the name, like “6640974372143104_MESSAGE,” so maybe try using the “Copy” button in the previewer.

I always put opacity before I shift/scale overlays, you can try that

Overlays do not work on this background INT. BLACK - NIGHT.
So, you have to use another background.

I always use “&” everything after the “create” command

int. black - night is a buggy background. upload your own black bg or use another one

It’s not my first time it’s episode 5 !! I put the the overlays on black background and nothing happened , I don’t know what’s wrong this time :woman_facepalming:t3:

With that specific background, overlays get blown up by like 1000% so they become extremely huge when added to the INT. BLACK - NIGHT/DAY background. That’s why it’s best to not use this background when adding overlays.

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It worked :purple_heart: Thank you so much :purple_heart:

Thank you all for trying to help :heart::heart:

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