Whats wrong here, she needs to face left for the looping


sound ambient_electrojunglefade

&LEXA spot 1.280 154 1
&LEXA is faces left AND LEXA is walk_sad
@pause for a beat
LEXA (walk_sad)
(I’m exhausted, unsafe. Well to be honest what is safe?)
@pause for a beat
LEXA (walk_eyesclosed)
(Let’s just see where I end up… whatever happens, is my destiny. I need to get away from ‘home’. But to do that I need a direction.)
@pause for a beat
sound footsteps_fast
@pause for a beat
@LEXA starts run_jog
@pause for a beat
sound off
@transition fade out black

thanks xxx


&LEXA faces left AND LEXA is walk_sad

That should work :slight_smile:


thank you that works, do you happen to know the animation too for walking whyle talking x


walk_talk_happy I believe


not working :cold_sweat:


Are you writing in ink?


yes x


&CHAR spot % x y AND CHAR is walk_talk_happy

CHAR (walk_talk_happy)
dialog here


thank you x


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