What's wrong here?

As base i used this:

@x stands screen left AND X faces right
@X stands screen right AND X faces left
@x stands upscreen left AND X faces right
@x stands upscreen right AND X faces left
@x stands screen center AND X faces left

Then i did the people in it and the spot direceting and i added some animations for the people in the background

so i had this script:


@cut to zone 2

@NIELS stands spot 1.266 72 2 AND NIELS faces right
@MARC stands spot 1.294 262 -19 AND MARC faces left
@BACKGROUND1 spot 0.429 235 499 right AND BACKGROUND1 faces left AND BACKGROUND1 is cry_sniff_loop
@BACKGROUND3 spot 0.525 151 370 AND BACKGROUND3 faces left AND BACKGROUND3 is listen_phone_excited_loop
@BACKGROUND6 spot 0.511 190 455 AND BACKGROUND6 faces right AND BACKGROUND6 is nod_loop

and it gives me errors i don’t know what i am doing wrong, and everytime i wanted an animation for someone i did go to the persons animations

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you are a great it worked, wish i would have someone to help me with those things in the beginning
thanks thanks thanks :grinning:

@Jeremy this can be closed it is already old :grinning:

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