What's wrong here:

@ANNEKE enters from left to spot 9 359 AND ANNEKE faces right.
@overlay BLUSH2 create
@overlay BLUSH2 shifts to 69 246 in 0 in zone 1
@overlay BLUSH2 scales to 0.927 0.927 in 1
@overlay BLUSH2 opacity 1 in 3

it says: use the word in before specifying the duration


Instead of this:
@overlay BLUSH2 shifts to 69 246 in 0 in zone 1

Put in:
@overlay BLUSH2 shifts to 69 246 in zone 1 in 0

Tell me if it works!

You always need the scale size when you use spot direction.

nope did not work sorry

no than it says invalid spot

I’m guessing you literally put the word “scale” in your script? You need to put whatever your character’s scale size is. It’s spot direction which I’m sure you’ve used before.

You’ve done the spot directing wrong. That’s why it’s showing an error

Plus the command enter from left to spot … doesn’t work.

It does work. It’s a valid command.

yes, and normally that goes well…i never had this problem id never have to use scale becouse normaly it is in the chiffers of the spot directing.

You always have to add the scale size when you use spot directing with characters. Using just the shift numbers only works with overlays, not characters.

This is the same and that works

@ANNEKE enters from right to spot 1.280 190 -3 AND ANNEKE faces left

That’s correct, I just tested it out on a script of my own.

Yes that code works because you have the scale size.

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You need to add the scale in front of 9 359 so maybe edit your script with the scale size in and then it should work.

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ok i will try that.

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It is ok no thanks girls xxx @Jeremy you can close this thanks

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