What's wrong with my overlay coding?

Hiya! I’m writing a story where I want a character to cry using my teardrop overlay. The overlay is approved and the code worked for a while until one time where I replayed the chapter and the teardrop just never showed up. Can anyone tell me what’s wrong?

Heres my code:

@pause for a beat

@zoom on 216 261 to 501% in 0

@pause for a beat

@overlay TEARDROP.CLEAR create

@overlay TEARDROP.CLEAR shifts to 140 240

@overlay TEARDROP.CLEAR create and overlay TEARDROP.CLEAR opacity 1 in 0 and overlay TEARDROP.CLEAR shifts to 96 302 in zone 1 and overlay TEARDROP.CLEAR scales to 0.199 0.199 and overlay TEARDROP.CLEAR moves to layer 1

@overlay TEARDROP.CLEAR shifts to 210 263 in zone 1 using easeout

@overlay TEARDROP.CLEAR shifts to 213 237 in zone 1 in 2 using easeout
@overlay TEARDROP.CLEAR scales to 0.2 0.2

@overlay TEARDROP.CLEAR opacity 0 in 1 using easeout

Try this code

&overlay TEARS create
&overlay TEARS shifts to 38 251 in zone 1 (this must be the spot next to the eye)
&overlay TEARS scales to 0.208 0.208
&overlay TEARS moves to layer 3
@overlay TEARS opacity 1 in 0

&overlay TEARS shifts to 22 242 in zone 1 in 3 using easeout (this must be the spot where it drops
&overlay TEARS scales to 0.199 0.199 in 3
@pause for 2.5 then overlay TEARS opacity 0 in 0.5

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Put the teardrop in zone 1

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After you create an overlay using the “&overlay OVERLAYNAME create” command, you need to also code the opacity.


&overlay OVERLAYNAME create
&overlay OVERLAYNAME opacity 1 in 0


@Thesilversoulmoon_ep @calico.episode Thank you so much! It works now! :two_hearts:

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