What's wrong with this?


Can anyone tell me what’s wrong with this?

@MOM walks to spot .552 80 339 in zone 2 and MOM enters from right and MOM does it while walk_neutral_rear



Are you using INK or LL style?
What more exactly do you want to happen?
Are you starting in zone 2 or do you want the character MUM to walk across zones?

As the code is now you have double command for walk, but you haven’t specified where from the character MUM’s entering.

you can try
@cut to zone 2 <— for the scene to be played out in the right zone, ignore if your previous script has it already.
@MUM enters from right to screen right THEN MUM walks to spot 0.552 80 339 in zone 2 AND MUM does it while walk_neutral_rear



I’m using Lime light


I figured. INK has no walk_neutral_rear :wink:


Thank you it worked!


Happy to help :upside_down_face:



OU (talk_neutral)
(What should I wear?)
choice “flowery dress” {
@YOU changes into prettychapter1
gain Pretty_Dress
} “Denim jaket” {
@YOU changes into wednesday
gain Wednesday
} “Cherry red skirt” {
@YOU changes into Cherry red skirt
gain Cherry_Red_Skirt

if (Cherry_Red_Skirt) {
@YOU changes into Cherry red skirt
} if (Pretty_Dress) {
@YOU changes into prettychapter1
else {
@YOU changes into Wednesday
Could anyone tell me what’s wrong with the if/if/else section.


I’ll private message you a fix.

(It’ll be a few minutes since I’ll be testing it etc)

Is that alright with you?




K thanks :slight_smile:


Ink or Limelight?




Just got the outfits done, I’ll tell you when I’m finished testing :slight_smile:


Ok thx. :slightly_smiling_face:


Wait, didn’t HappyDaisy solve this?




Oh mk


Nobody’s fixed this


Don’t worry I will :blush:


Hi, I think I know what’s wrong.

You’ve already changed the character into the clothing, you would have to insert something different for the

“if/elif/else” choices.