What's your episode ick?

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It’s the sudden feelings between the LIs and the MCs. I mean, it’s when the LI first meet the MC they sudden feel the urge to protect her, or something like that.

No offense to anyone, just not my type.


Long list incoming! :melting_face:

  • Looot of customization! I mean it’s enough to customize the MC and LI but then there are some stories that has customization for family members + Side characters. This is just my opinion tho. Cuz I’m not a big fan of customization. I’d rather prefer reading with how the author visualized their character(s).

  • Basic directing. Sure the author is still getting to know around the codes and that’s totally okay! But for me, it makes me lose interest in a story when the characters are placed only stage left, right, center etc. and has no realistic spot directing.

  • Short dialogues! Sometimes it always the same old dialogue that goes,
    CH1: “Hi! How are you?”
    CH2: “I’m good! Thanks. Wanna hang out?”
    CH1: “Sure.”
    Dialogues like these bores me to the core!

  • Unnecessary side characters! Sometimes there the MC’s ‘best friend’ that’s only there for the sake to support the MC. No backstory whatsoever is given to the side character.

  • Lack of diversity.

  • Romanticizing abusive/ toxic relationships between characters.

  • Characters having no personality.

  • Story descriptions that gives away the entire plot of the story.

  • Extremely long narrations.

Sorry for the extremely long post! These are just my opinions! Every story is amazing and unique in their own way. :sparkles: But these are just some points that doesn’t really make me wanna read the story.


Okay, so I have to do a lot reviews, R4R and shoutouts for groups, so I just have to read the story, but what makes me want to throw my phone - sloooooooow transitions AND overlays that fades in 100 and fades out in 1000.
Please, new authors, don’t put any transitions more than 1 sec long. :sob: :sob:
I’m guilty too because I did it like that at the start, but now - no more than 0.75 or 1 sec for everything because readers are not interested in transitions but the story itself.


I agree with @/KikiMoon that super slow transitions really deter me from a story. Please, don’t make them more than a second long.

Another thing that makes me click off a lot is poor grammar, spelling, and punctuation. I’ve been called the Grammar Police before, but I don’t care lol, it just bothers me a lot. I totally understand if English isn’t your first language, and I’ll be way more lenient if that’s the case. But I feel like half the time, it’s just pure laziness.


i agree!

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  • Panning and zooming at EVERY dialogue. PLEASE STOP. JUST…STOP. It’s not cute, and it doesn’t make you an ‘advanced’ coder.

  • Gem waits / Skip the waits. I really just don’t like them, especially when it happens after 3 episodes.

  • Over-customization. Some authors really need to know that nobody, especially myself, is interested in customizing anyone except my character AND the LI. Do not tell me to customize my siblings and their twins, my dog who’s never gonna appear, or my grandma who’s gonna die at the beginning of the story.

  • Crazy height differences. Like okay just stand there looking like my father.

  • A whole lot of Shakespeare. I’m on Episode, not Wattpad. Thanks.

  • Dialogues like
    “He pinned me to the wall”.
    “He can never date a girl like me / I can never date him”. Proceeds to date him.
    “His lips crashed onto mine”.
    “Built like a Greek god”.
    “I could see his abs through his shirt”. No you can’t.

  • I don’t know if it’s just me, but in like 90% of the stories I’ve read with black characters, they have big noses. I don’t know if there’s some sort of explanation or theory behind this but not all black people have big noses?


At least one ick? Oh, baby, I have several. :face_exhaling:

  • Unbearable cliches.
    The bad boy treats his crush and others poorly because he has mommy issues and his father beats them. :pleading_face: It’s not his fault. :pleading_face:

  • Bad directing.
    My character should not be teleporting or moving across the screen without a walking/running animation.

  • Unnecessary gem choices
    No, I will not give you 30 gems to make my character stand up to her bully! And the worst part is this choice will have 0 effect on the rest of the story. :woman_facepalming:t5:

  • Limited CC because of art scenes.
    I don’t mind reading a story without/with limited CC, but I can barely customize my character because of 15 second CLICHE art scenes? Okay lol :woozy_face:

  • Love at first sight
    I understand being attracted to someone when you first notice them, but head over heels IN LOVE? No relationship build-up? Booooring.

  • Predators disguised as love interests
    If you are 21+ and attracted to someone who just turned 18, you are a predator. End of story. 18 is still very much a child, and you guys are writing stories about MC’s best friend’s 40-something y/o father falling in love with an 18 y/o? :unamused:

  • When the mafia is brought up at all
    99% of the time the mafia is inaccurate in stories. There are not teenagers running the mafia.

  • Bad grammar / no punctuation
    I can’t read this, I’m sorry. Using the wrong their/they’re/there or two/too/to pisses me off. And how hard is it to put a (.) or (!) after every statement?

  • Main Character has a BFF with NO Story-line
    Token black best friends, fat best friends, stereotypical gay best friends and they don’t have a life? They’re just always in the MC’s business, being their emotional support?

  • A romance hidden behind the comedy genre
    Occasional one-liners is not comedy. Your story is a romance.

  • Non-diverse Characters
    I’m not just talking about skin complexion / race and sexuality. I mean I don’t want to see every character with the same features. I don’t want to read a story where all male characters are incredible ripped (especially if they’re teenagers) and all the female characters have straight hair. This goes for facial features as well.


I agree with you because of the grammar.
It’s another thing that I can tolerate til some level.
And, literary, when I’m reading a story, even if there are words swapped or incorrect spelling, my mind just tells me the correct one + don’t smash your phone, don’t smash your phone, :joy:



I was doing a R4R w someone who has the exact sloowwwwww transition and even worse it was pause for a beat or idk pause for 0.1 between each speech bubble so that really pissed me offffff.

I’m sorry it sound rude but plz anyone who does this- STOP


Girl, It’s not rude. When I have done reviews, I have told people - don’t use slow transitions or anything that slows down the story itself.
We’re just trying to help. :hugs:


I can’t read a story with bad grammar.
I don’t like the Mafia genre at all.
I hate the overuse in hundreds of stories I’ve read of these same lines…
I won’t bite, unless you want me too
Carved by the Greek gods
Take a picture, it lasts longer


INK humor. Like when the characters are all so quirky and everything needs to have an awkward pause where the character do those poses like the end of the jumping one or the pointing one. Or when they slap each other for no reason. Or the random singing. Or the annoying nicknames. Or the tryhard badboys like they want to be sexy so bad but it just makes me physically recoil it’s unbearable.


when the mean girl is a white girl with blonde hair blue eyes and looks like she has plastic surgery idk it feels to stereotypical mean girls arent always going to look like that


Don’t forget the Token Characters that are almost exclusively walking stereotypes.


Oh yes! Totally!

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First at all, I don’t understand why your thread is flagged, angel-wings-sis, (@Angel_wings21). :woman_shrugging: This thread is not against guidelines at all!

Uhm, the list is almost as long as mine. Actually, I have a feeling you understand my list very well.

My list, what I definitely don’t like to see:

  • Too many black screens (get me on my nerves…);
  • Authors character takes half of the time of the storyline (I get it… You may have your own character → I have that too… But not in every episode half of the story time.);
  • Too many LI’s → I prefer 1;
  • One whole episode for only CC. As @mimiepi says right: please, I don’t mind to CC MC and/or LI and or 1 other family member, but not the whole f*ing family and best friends family! If the story is only about MC and LI, why should I CC grandpa, too? :woman_shrugging:;
  • Mean girls and creepy alley guys popping out of nowhere → little too cliche;
  • Bad grammar and spelling → I am not a native English speaker, but I check my spelling during coding;
  • Wrong layering → like people walking through each other or kissing the wrong way;
  • Toxic relationships, violence against the LGBTQ+ community and/or racism;
  • Entering and exiting left or right → go from spot to spot… It’s irritating and weird if you see in a story a kid entering and exiting, while they grow if the leave or shrink into the spot.;
  • Props that didn’t got removed. Please, don’t forget to remove props. It’s irritating if I see the MC walking around with the same prop (paper or baby blue swindle) during the rest of the story.

What I like to see:

  • The story needs to be one of a kind. (Almost) no clichés and unsuspecting storylines.;
  • More stories about after high school and college (I am older so I’d like to see also stories about character that are 20+ year old);
  • Stories with character developing especially between the main character. If it’s a love story, lovers don’t fall in love immediately (in real life), I’d like to see the story spread over several episodes/chapters (they start their feelings for each other in episode 15, for example, and not in episode 1).;
  • No toxicity in stories, especially not between MC and LI. Or it has to be a background-story with something unexpected happening (in my latest story I have a male best friend of the MC that is victim of domestic abuse);
  • Stories with parents that are still alive (I read lots of stories where parents were murdered, died during a car-accident or died because of cancer). I like to see something different, for example parents that neglecting their child and parents that are there at the background or die from age (at being 90 years old) or because of another decease than cancer.;
  • A story with a MC and/or LI that develops an suffer with an addiction (for alcohol, drugs or something else);
  • If you write a fantasy story → more diverse supernaturals. There are more supernaturals than only vampires and werewolves. Write your story about were-cats, elves or hellhounds (yep, one of my latest stories has this diversity of supernaturals and a were-cat as a MC);
  • Stop making exes cheat. There are other reasons why people can break up.;
  • No mean girls, alley creeps, cheating exes or bad boys. That’s a little cliché;
  • Stop making LI’s criminals. → Give me some sweet LI’s that aren’t murderers or beaters. That some other character deserves to beaten up or killed doesn’t justify the crime. Criminals aren’t funny or interesting.;
  • Stop making the MC overly innocent. → No one has a happy life (I wish we all had), real life can be really hard. So, you can show the world the hard struggle of real life.;
  • Give some unexpected details, like MC falling over a banana-peel while she walks or MC bumping into a lamp (because she’s tall) or MC falling over a threshold (if you need fillers for an episode, use this.);
  • Give me some older MC’s and/or LI’s, like I said before I am 40, so I like to see stories around my age, too.;
  • Stop only using the car or motorbike for transportation, MC and/or LI can use public transport, the bike or walk.;
  • Let the MC and LI meet in an unexpected → I read to many stories where MC and LI met at a party, at school or in the office. Why not let them bump into each other on the street or they meet each other by a mutual friend or family-member (should be nice to see that the MC met the LI, because LI helped MC’s grandma cross the street.);
  • Avoid taboos → please no relationships between a 40 year old and a minor (that’s gross) or a relationships between family members.

If I remember something else to add I will give an extra scream.

Love A-W


Ewww. I am 40 and I don’t want to think about 18 y/o. :woman_facepalming: I got your point. Like eww. They could be my son or daughter. :nauseated_face: :scream:


I agree with you too! Practically in all ways. Just:

If the story is written for Episode contest, it will be a fast burn as Episode’s requirements are meeting in the 1st episode and a lot of romance during the first 3.


But that is understandable, for an Episode contest you only have a short period to write. But I am talking about the stories where in we talk about 15+ episodes romances.