What's your face shape irl? + tips!

So, it’s been a year now since I started thinking about my face shape. I keep on asking my friends “Hey, is my face shape oval? or something else?” And they’re like “Kinda… But you’re still beautiful in anything.” (DON’T WORRY! ANYTHING YOU WEAR SUITS YOU. EVEN IF YOU ARE SQUARE-SHAPED FACE OR OBLONG ETC. YOU ROCK IN ANYTHING! And also, face shape don’t determine WHO you are… Be proud of yourself like I know you would!)
I just found out last night my REAL face shape for now.
And also, the following tips are mostly been researched at google!

So I have:

  • Prominent cheekbones
  • (Kinda) Pointy Chin
  • Big forehead (wide also:sweat_smile:)
  • The length of my face shape is LONGER than it is wide.

= Heart Face Shape! :heart:

So now, if you’re curious about yours… Here’s my tips for finding your face shape!
Credits to Google or whoever ORIGINALLY uploaded in google :joy: :

Oval Face Shape


Oval face shape are the most common face shape people have. Mostly mistaken as ROUND shape but about 1 1/2 inch longer than it is wide. People with oval face shapes suits every hairstyles!

How to know an oval face

Here are the list: (My sister have an oval face shape so this is inspired by her!)

  • Are 1 1/2 inch longer than wide.
  • Rounded jaw
  • Curved face
  • Similar to the shape of an inverted egg
  • Have a large forehead
  • Looks like a vertically-stretched round shape

Heart Face Shape


Heart shaped-face are most commonly known and identified by its pointy chin and widow’s peak. Amanda Seyfried has a heart face shape! (I do too!)

How to know a heart face?

I observed myself and Amanda Seyfried’s face shape quite similar.

  • Looks a little bit of round
  • Has a pointy chin/some mild
  • Face is slightly longer
  • Big head (horizontally)
  • Widest part at cheekbone and head

Some heart-shaped face people don’t have a widow’s peak, just like I do. But even without, you could still identify it as heart!

Oblong Face Shape/Long


Oblong shape is just like an oval but more longer. Anyways, you still look beautiful!

How to know an oblong face?

It is similar to oval but longer:

  • Face longer than wide
  • Wide forehead
  • Long Chin
  • ‘Forehead, cheeks and jaw are equal in width’

Inverted-Triangle Face Shape


The Triangle Face shape is really common/similar to heart shaped-faces! There are inverted triangle and triangle face shape. But I will only discuss inverted one today :slight_smile:

How to know an inverted-triangle face?

Inverted triangle has:

  • Big forehead (wide)
  • Super pointy chin
  • Much like an inverted egg with a pointy chin
    Sorry, that’s all I can say :crazy_face:

Square Face Shape


For what I think, square face shape is also common. But it is beautiful! A popular actress – Angelina Jolie has a square face!

How to know a square face?

I observed that Angelina Jolie have:

  • Really prominent jawline
  • Has a square jaw/chin
  • Hairline is half top square
    P.S If you think you don’t look pretty/ or doesn’t suit anything, you’re really wrong! I think you rock in anything with that face shape because my classmate also has a square face! :heart: I believe in you!

Round Face Shape


You must think that you have a round face when you were younger… That is because most kids are born with round face but changes shape while growing up. People has mostly mostly mistaken their faces as “round” because of chubby cheeks but it’s all on your bone structure! Singer Selena Gomez has a round face shape!

How to know a round face?

Most people notices:

  • Face is sort of equal when it comes to the width and the length
  • Prominent cheekbones
  • Short face
  • Rounded jaw
  • Rounded Hairline
  • Looks like circle when in distance

That’s all I can give for you :relieved: Please correct me if I have some wrong information/grammar and I thank you in advance!
Please take note that whatever face shape you have, you still look beautiful and don’t hate yourself. One of episode’s goal is to make us proud by ourselves! We have come this far and no stopping now! No face shape can determine who you are, I think it’s just fun to KNOW yourself more. :relieved: Thank you Episode for letting me share this in the forum! Have a great day, everyone! :heartpulse:


I just read my face shape and yep its hella true. I’m a round face :joy:

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I bet you look great! :grinning:

Thanks for making this thread! :smile:

I’ve just realized for the first time in my life that I have oval-shaped face.

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Wow! You’re welcome :blush: I love oval shapes even though I’m a heart :joy::joy: My sister practically has that and always telling me that she has such a big forehead but hey, oval suits anything! :relieved:

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I can relate :joy: I’m always trying to style my hair in a way that would partly hide it or make it look smaller

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Hahaha :joy: Honestly, you will look good in anything! Try in experimenting more hairstyles and that should do the trick :blush:

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I’m a cosmetologist (I do hair and esthetics), what I was taught is while the chart can be helpful it’s more of a general guide and not really a rule, no one’s face is completely symmetrical and most people don’t completely fit into one shape. For instance I have sort of an oval sort of a diamond thing going on so some fringe styles look good on me and some make me look like Dora the Explorer.

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…I can’t tellz :scream::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Mines round and long.

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I think mine’s long, anyway this thread is amazing :blue_heart:

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Heart but I don’t have widow’s peak

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I have round face :pensive:


Thank you so much!!! :grin:

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Yes, I can relate about the hairstyles :joy: And yes also there are many people who have half and half shapes but I think it makes us unique --about whatever that shape is, we are still beautiful in our own way :blush:

Thanks again :rofl: Gosh, I make a lot of mistakes here :crazy_face:

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No problem, it happens. :grin:

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heart :heart:

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