What's your fav food/drink?

I’m pretty sure almost everyone here knows :smirk:
Nando’s chicken wings or KFC wings :sunglasses::fire:

Fr they’re so dope. :upside_down_face:

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Unfortunately, I eat Meditarrean foods to stay slim and fit. But my favorite food and drinks are as follows : 1) Pizza

2) Ice Cream 3) Watermelons 4) Pastry 5) Momo and in drinks I love Orange juice and lemonade . There are many more which I can’t describe :smile:

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Coffee, black

my favourite foods are:

  • pizza
  • ice cream - cookies n cream, cookie dough,
  • iced tea
  • coke
  • cold water with lemon
  • chicken schnitzel
  • tacos

I like a lot of the foods and drinks on your list as well :wink:

Yep, this would so be on my favorites list :sunny:

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Bump :tropical_drink:

Coca Cola Zero. I have a problem.

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I’m obsessed with Coca Cola :nerd_face:

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Favorite food:

• French fries.
• Spinach.
• Mash potatoes.
• Mac and cheese.
• Waffles.
• Pizza.
• Ramen.
• Cherries
• Lamb.
• Steak.
• Broccoli.

The list goes on.

Drinks I like:

• Water. I pretty much drink water everyday.
• Mango smoothies.
• Strawberry and banana smoothies.
• Grape juice.
• Orange juice.
• Apple juice.
• Izze.
• White and red wine.

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Anti -broccoli here :joy:

No, not pizza, i do not like :joy:

I’ve never tried lamb, steak or ramen but the rest of them sound so good <3

Yes, water is :100: everyone needs to drink it everyday!

Mango :heart_eyes:

P.S Never tried wine :joy:

You have very good taste in food and drinks :sunglasses: :blob_hearts:

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Omg! Steak and ramen is good. As for lamb it fakes a while to get used to. Most people don’t make it good.

Really? Not a bad thing, but quite surprised :sweat_smile:

Anti broccoli and pizza :sob:

Bump :cupcake:

Bump :penguin:

Gosh, I have plenty of favorite food and drinks.

• Sushi
• Tuna Sashimi (Raw fish dipped into soy sauce with wasabi)
• Jjampong (Korean Spicy Noodles with seafood)
• Vietnamese beef stew with rice noodles (I don’t know the actual name of the food, but we call it Chao Long here in our country)
• Samgyeopsal (Korean grilled pork belly)
• Tacos
• Pepperoni Pizza
• White Spaghetti
• Beef Shawarma Wrap
• Hash browns
• Caesar Vegetable salad
• Burger with overloaded cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, and onions
• Bacon
• Spicy chicken wings
• Breaded Onion Rings
• Broccoli (I love broccoli)
• Tempura (Japanese breaded shrimp)
• Dumplings
• Fried rice
• Spicy chicken wings
• Grilled Chicken Legs
• Steak
• Any eggplant dish
• Pork Spring Rolls with Vegetables
• Butterscotch brownies
• Blueberry Cheescake
• Ice Cream (Vanilla and Strawberry)
• Matcha-flavored Kitkat
• Mochi (small Japanese glutinous rice cake)
• Frozen Yoghurt
• Sour gummy worms
• Butter cookies
• Banana

The list goes on…

• Water of course (stay hydrated)
• Bubble tea (milk tea)
• Latte
• Iced Tea
• Green Tea
• Gatorade :joy:
• Yakult (the Classic one)
• Strawberry Milkshake
• Avocado fruit shake
• Coconut fruit shake
• Mango fruit shake
• I like red wine, too

This is basically the reason why I’m a bit chubby. :joy:

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Bump! :cupid:

Hot Wings
Crab Legs
Minute Maid

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Mashed potatoes, fries, macaroni, chocolate, chicken nuggets, basically any pasta, chicken wings, chicken tenders, & cookies & cream ice cream. :pleading_face:

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YES yes and yes :100: :blob_hearts:

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French fries, and iced tea.

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