What's your favorite drink? 🍹



What’s your favorite drink/drink(s)? (soda, juice, beer, etc) :tropical_drink:
Mine is,

Frozen Mint Lemonade, and Sprite.


Dr. Pepper. I just :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: it.


Green Tea :tea:


Sweet tea, Hot chocolate, lemonade, water #1, coolers, Mountain Dew, Dr Pepper, wine, champagne.


God damn, you must be quite the drinker :laughing:


:joy: I like to drink around the season. This summer I just tried a cooler with my mom so that’s interesting and some I only have for special occasions.


Oooof, in summer frozen drinks are the best, especially when you’re out in the beach :smiley:


See I have no beaches near me so my porch is the best place with some water or something.


Definitely a good choice :smiley:


I love a strong glass of rum an coke lol


That’s my alcoholic beverage of choice too. :grin:


Twinsies lol i hate going to bars and it’s not even strong lol like hellloooo I’m trying to get drunk here


Hot chocolate, green tea with lemon, lemonade, chocolate milkshake, fruit cocktail


Green tea ,fresh mint tea, Hot chocolate milk with marshmallows , a strawberry smoothie and as an alcoholic beverages I like fruity cocktails or a simple gin tonic.


I just really love milk, hahahah.
When I’m going out, I really enjoy a good Strawberry Daiquiri or a White Russian :see_no_evil::tropical_drink:


orange juice :woman_shrugging:t4:


God damn, more people like mango juice, and I would think I was the only one who likes Orange Juice :smiley:


PEACH ICE TEA MY LUV :two_hearts::peach:


Ooohh yummy


It is :relieved: