What's your favorite genre to read?

I have only one story currently, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have plenty of others planned out. I have a mystery story planned, a fantasy story planned, and two romance stories planned. I’m curious to know what genre everyone is interested in. This will help me figure out what one I should work on first. My personal favorite is Romance/Fantasy stories. Remember: This is just opinions. Be nice and respectful of everyone’s opinions and thoughts.

I like romance, mystery, horror, and thriller

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Comedy and romance.

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Such a sucker for fantasy.



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@LI05 I am a sucker for fantasy stories too. :grinning:

Romance, Drama & Comedy

It depends on my my mood but most of the time I prefer Fantasy/Sci-fi.

However a good story has a whole bunch of genres entertwined. I love a story that has a little bit of romance (as long as their isn’t to much and hasn’t been repeated over and over again) as well as a little bit of mystery and/or thriller and comedy.

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action/adventure. any story where the female character is strong lol

@episodereaderfan Definitely. If I make an action/adventure story I will make a strong female lead. :slight_smile:


Fantasy, for sure!

Action, especially when the girl isn’t completely under control of the boy. That’s the best for me, because INDEPENDENCE FAM, I LOVE IT WHEN A GIRL PUNCHES A GUY AND STUFF. :joy:


@Zenextria Yeah, Girl Power! :smile:

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Mystery and thriller =)

You’d probably like my story then :joy:

Anyways, I love action and comedy stories. Even better if a story has both in my opinion.


Pretty much everything then :joy:

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