What's your favorite INK hair for females and males

What hair do you like best for INK both females and males? I am curious to see your opinions!

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Ink female - Shaggy Long Hair/Rebel Half-Shaved Hairstyle (tie)
Ink male - Unstyled Faux Hawk

I have many more tho like scene hair, urban punk ponytail, Long Bangs, etc., also I believe this thread should be in Episode Fan community :smile:

I love the rebel shaved and the faux hawk and I suck at putting threads in the right category!:joy::joy::joy::joy:

Ha, ha, that’s OK :wink:

Double Bun Updo
Diva Curls
Rebel Half shaved
Fishtail Braid
Long Straight Hair

Short Cropped Hair
Modern Pompadour
Unstyled Faux Hawk
Boy Bun
SoCal Flip


Scene hair
Unstyled faux hawk

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I used to hate the scene hair but it is growing on me :joy:

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Female: Braid Crown Updo
Male: Wild Curly Hair

I’m a sucker for a man with luscious locks :smirk: :tulip:


Haha same :smirk:

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I give pretty much every female MC the Classic Bob hair.

For guys, my favorite is probably the Long Bangs, followed by Generic Short. When that’s not available, I go Unstyled Fauxhawk or Spiked.

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Female: Natural curls, long cornrows-Black
Male: Long bangs, Boy bun and shaved sides-Black

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Natural Curls for female, Boy Bun for male!

fishtail braid
messy back bun
long feathered
beach wave
long bangs
short cropped

I LOVE THEM ALL :heart_eyes:

Male - Long Bangs
Female - Rebel Half Shaved