What's your favorite princess/prince?

In such circumstances for my story, I’d like to know what’s your favorite Disney princess and Disney prince and why :slight_smile:


Tiana definitely, because she actually worked hard for what she wanted and her main goal wasnt ‘getting a man’ but instead starting her own business. And she was probably one of the most rational of all of the princesses as well.


Definitely Belle. She’s not waiting for the Prince Charming and she cares about her dad. She sacrifices herself to save him. She is not stopped by prejudices about the Beast, on the contrary she tries to help him, without knowing he’s a prince. Even if he treats her badly she keeps helping him. Basically she was the one that saved the Prince! And she’s not like other princesses, she likes to read and she doesn’t let Gaston intimidate her.


Exactly 100% agree


Not my fav…but still I really like Mulan.
She maybe isn’t perfect at all and not always honest, but she truly cares about her family and her loving ones and at the same time when it comes to love and personal life she doesn’t let anyone choose for her, she only follows her own heart and mind. She is also a brave and a strong woman . After everything that happened, she learned to always stay a woman, but at the same time be equal to men. :heart: :heart:

But every disney princess has her own story and problems. We can’t compare her to others.


Agree :heart: Love that girl

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