Whats your favorite season?



What’s your favorite season?
Mine is Summer.




Fall :slight_smile:


Spring :tulip:


winter all the way


THaNK YoU! :rofl:


Hmm, fall and winter.


I loveee fall!


Autumn :heart_eyes::maple_leaf:


Spring :sunflower:

It just reminds me of new beginnings. The flowers bloom, the sun shines bright, the greenery blossoms everywhere after the dreadful winter season (no offense to others).
Its also the best season to go out, have fun and the time when my final exams are over (oof! I feel so happy I might even burst xD).
It is the time when its neither too hot nor cold. And, yellow shines brighter than any other colour! :yellow_heart:


Spring and fall.
Love the flowers when they bloom but love fall colors when the leaves change