What's your Favorite stories and your favorite Genre? (Specially for readers) (Not special for author)

Hi, guys…
This is not a thread, so don’t take it too long!
I’m only here to know your respond about your particular choices in particular stories…
My most top 5 favorite stories are list below:-

  • Pretty little liars (Both version) (Pretty little liars: To die for and Pretty little liars)
  • Mean girls (Both) (Mean Girls: Senior Year and Spring break)
  • Love & War
  • Provocative
  • Force Vampire

So, I’m curious about your favorite stories…
I’m an author so I want to know your decision.

And Which Genre was your favorite?

  • Romance
  • Drama
  • Fantasy
  • Horror
  • Action
  • Thrilled
  • Mystery
  • Others

Mine is Romance and Drama.
But What’s your?!


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My favourite genres (on episode) are probably action and mystery, this is mainly due to the fact that all the romances and dramas on episode are just too cliche for me, and pretty much all have the same plot line …
My favourite genre for books is murder mysteries (you know, like agatha christie and stuff)

some of my favourite stories are:

  • Anything by Kayla Sloans
  • Adrenaline
  • Eclipsis
  • Fine line
  • Side Chick’s Guide to Revenge

I like Mystery! Stories like Porcelain, Who Dun it, Amnesia, and many more. I just like the mysterious vibe they have, it makes it so interesting, and also that they’re not that predictable.


I like action and adventure mostly
Hidden identities the vigilante

But would love a good thriller but have come across none that are any good.

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I checked about it on episode and find It was awesome!

@sagorika Thank you so much for reading Provocative! :hearts:

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@shue I seriously should thank you for publishing such an awesome story, I can’t wait for Episode 29, 30, 31,…many more. Until it Finished! Lol. Love your awesome story! :blush::blush:

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I request you please released next episode!

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I love romance!:slight_smile:


Me too…

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I’m a fan of fantasy. Romance is okay, but I like stories with a good plot and can really hook me with unique characters and dialogue.

Personal favorites (fantasy):

  • The Ruby Tiara
  • Eclipsis
  • Moonlight Feathers
  • Adventures Away: Argiyon
  • Centrinda

Hi, guys. Thanks for hooking up with me till now, and I should probably thank u for your replies. I’m an author so I should ask u this question. Btw, Why don’t you go get my new topic and reply there. It’s about your choice, “Ink or Limelight”

I wanted to know if you going to finished provocative

You. Have a point