What's your favorite story on episode?


We all know that episode is a great app. It has a lot of stories to read. But what’s your favorite story? Mine is: Chain Reaction.


That’s very hard to decide but for now I would say,
Deep attraction (All 3 parts)
The Doberman
The Stripper
Engaged to a vampire
The secret of rain


Ruby Tiara
To Love Again
Love Me Black and Blue


Hi! I read the first part of Deep Attraction, and I was wondering : are the second and third parts all about the kids? Like are the kids grown up?


Yes each part focuses on one of the kids’ story after growing up. Other characters r still in the story though.
If u liked the first part u will LOVE the other 2


My favorite stories are:
Chain reaction (limelight)
Love is a drug
Fine line
His heart
Forced vampire
Maid for you
and Legacy


My Pyscho


Loving Latino
The blood wolves
Mated to a werewolf
Dirty sexy teenagers


Deep Attraction series
Chain Reaction Series
Dangerous Woman
Loving Latino
Hunting Bad
the Blake series - Grace/Queen